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Feb 26, 2013 09:22 AM

MKE - living social has a $10 for $20 to puddle jumpers BBQ

Puddle jumpers is the BBQ place by the airport that I often pick up brisket sandwiches for the kid when I am in the area. I have mentioned them before. Heck, make it a twofer and hit Tower Chicken at the same time ;)

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  1. Ok, I got a snark email over this. Not sure why, the brisket is good for Wisconsin. The owner is a decent person. The 1/2 price makes it worth the try. One of these days I will try their hot wing challenge.

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      I appreciate the info. I do not look to MKE as the home of great Texas brisket, or for that matter Florida rock shrimp, but I enjoy tasting the local renditions. And look forward to Wisconsin's own supperclubs, Usinger's, Carr Valley, Amish blue, and Limburger cheeses.

      And shudder at the wannabes here in Florida.