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Feb 26, 2013 08:46 AM

Nory Locum Candy - Factory in Winnetka

For a few years, I have been wanting to check out the Nory Locum Candy Factory in Winnetka and Vanowen in the SFValley. I walked in yesterday and was warmly greeted by the owner, Armand Sahakian, and his associate. It's a small place, but they are producing a boutique product.

This is not the usual sticky stick of nutty goo that you might find on the counter at Super King. I bought a box of mixed fruit squares ($5.00) -- without nuts -- and they are marshmallow-soft and full of intense flavors. He had other boxes with nuts.

The owner gave me a tour of his kitchen and explained the various processes to me. I was impressed by his passion. There is a long story that goes with this business, but I am unable to find the Los Angeles Times link at the moment.

I will be back for more. If anyone decides to check out this place, do call ahead to be sure that someone is there. These boxes make a nice gift.

Nory Locum
20117 Vanowen Street
Owner: Armand Sahakian

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    1. re: Servorg

      Hi, Servorg.

      I wanted to post about Nory Locum quickly, and when I mentioned that I did not have the LA Times article at hand, I thought about YOU immediately.

      Thanks for finding and posting it...and in doing so, you make these Chow Boards so much better. It contains the back story about this place and mentions what a specialty this candy really is!

    2. Nice req. I had also not heard about Super King so thanks for mentioning that as well.

      The Times article which is two years old said they are not open to foot traffic and the candy is only available online or at local grocery stores and specialty markets. I called to clarify and reached the (nicest guy I have spoken to in years) who said they are indeed open to foot traffic but keep irregular hours. He suggested that you call before coming over and generally you can count on them being there Mon and Wed 8:30am-2:30pm. But in the next sentence he said he is making deliveries himself tomorrow and will not be in. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Go figure!

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      1. re: SIMIHOUND

        Yes, SIMIHOUND, they are definitely open to the public. The owner is such a gentleman; I do hope you are able to meet him when you go in. Ask him to show you around; he is very proud of what he is doing.

        This reminds me of the dragon beard candy man in front of the Hawaii Market in the SGValley. Such ancient food crafts would be lost if not for a single entrepreneur who keeps it going. I admire the spirit!

        Oh, please do not equate Nory Locum's product with the hardened goo on the glass counter near the dried foods at the Super King on San Fernando Road. Nory Locum's candy is so much better! Perhaps it is closer to the boxed Turkish Delight candy, but I do not know since I have not had others.

        Mr. Sahakian, the owner, was quite transparent about his schedule. Although he tries to be around at the beginning of the week, he is wearing several hats in this business: as owner, cook, delivery man and sales director. He did tell me that with a phone call, he would try to accommodate his walk-in customers.

        Seriously, anyone looking for a Passover or Easter gift, this makes a beautiful present.

        1. re: liu

          I ordered locum from Mr. Sahakian and was impressed not only with his products, but with the fact that he thanked me in writing.

          Like you, I've never had Turkish Delight, but the locum - both fruit and pistachio - are delicious. I thought of you when I took my first bite - I know you enjoy good tea - and my thoughts were that someone like you would be in heaven, enjoying the locum with a nice

          Thanks posting about the walk-in issue. I think if Huell were still with us, a visit to Mr. Sahakian's place would have been a classic.

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Hello, bulavinaka!
            You have a nice kindness about you...thank you for your thoughts.

            And YES, on the cover of his locum box is a cup of tea with a few scattered candies...just as you imagined, I'm in heaven!

            You're so right! Nory Locum and Huell...nice pairing.

            If you have the chance, give Mr. Sahakian a visit -- and do report back.

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