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Feb 26, 2013 08:39 AM

Dassara Ramen - Anyone been?

So I'm reading another thread and in it a ramen chef talks about his 5 favorite ramen shops in the US.

He talks about Dessara Ramen on Smith Street. Never even heard of it before and no mention on the board. Plenty of chatter about Ganso, but not a peep about Dessara. Blah website for it.

Has anyone gone there?

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    1. I wrote about my visit a few months back (, which left me disappointed several ways. It was somewhat soon after they opened their doors, so perhaps they got their act together. But honestly, I've had so many great meals at Ganso that I have no real desire to try Dassara again unless something drastic happens. If you do go, I'd love to hear if your experience turns out any better.

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        Hmmm. I did a search originally but didn't see your original thread. I've been to Ganso several times too and like the place though I have not been since the holidays. Sounds like Dassara has decent enough food. I will check it out when I'm in the area but it doesn't sound like its worth going all the way down Smith just to try it when Ganso is so much closer. Do you know if Ganso has gotten it's liquor license yet? Would love to have a beer instead of tea with the ramen.

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          The menu on their website lists their beer, wine and sake selection.

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            Just to confirm, they're definitely serving beer and sake. (It's on the print menu.)

      2. Sometimes that deli ramen and spicy lamb ramen really hits the spot; rich broth and tasty toppings. Other times the broth hasn't been hot enough or the noodles have been a little clumpy. Haven't had good luck with the apps or other dishes. If you're a lover of ramen it's definitely worth checking out for the aforementioned two bowls.

        1. I went a couple of months back and they had a bone marrow ramen (almost dry) on special and it was delicious.

          1. Honestly it's kind of sad.

            Their broth really does not taste homemade to me. I should probably confirm this before saying it publicly, but I'm always kind of scared to ask questions like that - I feel like it might offend people. Anyway it's just my opinion, as someone who regularly makes stock and broth, that it tastes more like it's from a powder than it tastes like a homemade, hours-on-the-simmer type deal.

            That's my main problem with the place. I could overlook the terrible lighting and bad interior if the food were really great, but it's not. With ramen, really most of the flavor is coming from the broth, and I just can't stand for anything that's at all packaged/processed/chemically/hot homemade.

            Granted, I went when it first opened. Maybe it's gotten better? But I don't have the time to give them another chance--I'd rather just make my own ramen.

            Or go to Ganso. Ganso all the way.

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              Dassara is great -- much better than Ganso IMHO (although to be fair they are going for completely different things). I don't know why you would say their broth isn't "homemade". What ramen place would use powder. For what it's worth, I've spoken to the owner/chef a few times about trying to replicate their lamb broth and home and I can definitely say they take their broth seriously.