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Feb 26, 2013 08:26 AM

Romantic gluten-free foodie weekend in Portland

I'm going to Portland this weekend for a getaway with my new sweetheart, and we're looking for ideas for a romantic dinner on Saturday night. We'll be staying in the Old Port and would love to go somewhere close by. We're both foodies who enjoy sophisticated food and wine; he's gluten free so that's a consideration as well. I'm well aware of Fore Street, would love to get other recommendations from knowledgeable locals. Thanks!

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  1. I was hoping someone else more knowledgeable about gluten free, and for that matter, romance would take a shot at this as I know little about either. I'm quite certain that every top restaurant in the city can handle the gluten free request. I know Flatbread pizza (not romantic) for lunch does a gluten free pizza. Not close but walkable are sister restaurants Green Elephant and Boda with lots of gf options. Try Grace for at least a glass of wine for some romance.
    We now have our 2nd wine bar in the Old Port, The North Point, which I hope to try out soon. Looks promising. The Wine Bar is pretty cool for a glass or two and I think they have tastings first Friday of the month. Talking first Friday, the Arts District (Boda, Green Elephant) will be crowded and hard to find a restaurant seat but it can be fun.
    Bam Bam bakery on Commercial St is gluten free. Enjoy and let us know what you found.

    1. You're talking about this weekend? It's Maine Restaurant Week starting today, and their web site allows you to filter for gluten-free:

      However, there's no gluten in a lobster, potatoes,and corn. If it were August, you could just eat that on a dock at sunset.