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Feb 26, 2013 08:18 AM

A quick trip Fri- Tues -We Love Food!

We'll be visiting from Orlando for our first visit to San Fran. It's a little quick, just Fri through Tues.

We love good food, innovative cuisine. We tend to avoid chains-so typical chow hounders I suppose.

We will splurge on a really excellent meal maybe once, but mostly we look for a decent value for the money. And really good, tasty food.

We do enjoy ethnic food of all types.

I would appreciate any suggestions to help us appreciate your city. I'm not sure if we'll get a rental car, but probably not.

And in return offer you the suggestion of The Ravenous Pig if you're ever in our area. Thanks

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  1. Go to the Ferry Plaza farmers market on Saturday morning.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I have Ferry Plaza on my places to visit list for the Tuesday farmers market. Is it the same as the Saturday market?

      1. re: pagesinthesun

        Not the same--smaller in a big way. I'd move it to Saturday, if you have that flexibility.

        1. re: pagesinthesun

          Saturday is one of the best farmers markets in the area. The other two days might not make the top 20.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Thanks for the input. I'll move it to Saturday.

      2. Reservations are tough so book ASAP - call if you don't see anything online.

        SF is pretty expensive. If budget is no object than I'd say get the full tasting menu with drink pairings at Benu, if you are open to molecular gastronomie than the the full tasting menu at Atelier Crenn. Also, Saison just opened again so that could be great though they may be working out some kinks this early.

        A little more affordable is the 4 (or is it 5) course menu at Quince. Which is a beautiful room with very competent and friendly service.

        You should try an SF neighborhood place ($40ish pp): Frances, NOPA, Baker & Banker, Maverick etc.

        You should try a Cal-Italian Place ($40ish pp):
        Incanto, Cotogna, Locanda, Flour + Water, Delfina


        There is Dim Sum at Yank Sing. Also there is also solid chinese at Hong Kong Lounge and Mission Chinese (for spicy unconventional takes on Sichuan food).

        Dosa is pricey for what it is but is more like 25-30 pp and is a great introduction to South Indian food if you haven't had it before,

        Zero Zero is decently affordable.

        Make sure to get coffee @ Blue Bottle, Four Barrell, Ritual or Philz (if you like drip).

        There's also great ice cream at Bi-Rite and Humphrey Slocombe.

        1. Boudin Bakery: Clam Chowder (Pier 39 or downtown @ Powell St). A San Francisco staple. It's supposed to be nice this weekend too so I would suggest Pier 39 on the Bay for the best overall experience.

          Curry Village: Delicious curry buffet on 9th & Irving. Great service, selection & prices (about $11 for lunch and $15 for dinner). You really can't beat that. Photos of dishes on my blog below.

          Straw: Hayes Valley, great different menu - they have a burger with donuts for buns!

          Savor in Noe Valley OR Craftsman & Wolves in the Mission: both amazing for brunch. Craftsman has their staple "the Rebel Within," which is a muffin with an egg inside.

          Smuggler's Cove: Pirate bar in Hayes Valley

          ENJOY!! Let me know how your trip goes :)

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          1. re: ChowDownSF

            Pier 39 is a horrible tourist trap, clam chowder has nothing to do with San Francisco, and if you insist on wasting time going to Boudin to eat their phony local specialty, one of their many branches is at the airport.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Yikes. We are trying to avoid the typical touristy type places and really get an authentic sense of the town.

              1. re: sjmjd

                I'd also say that the Ferry Building on a Saturday is a must do. Beyond that I'd do brunch at Nopa on Sunday and consider La Ciccia or one of the Cal-Italian places suggested above for one of your dinners. I also really like Bar Tartine, though others here may disagree. Dim sum is also a great idea.

            2. re: ChowDownSF

              Same recommendation posted on another thread,
              Same reaction - Boudin? Stay away!