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Feb 26, 2013 08:17 AM

restaurant week

Where have you gone so far for restaurant week and how was it?

I hit up Haute Dish on Sunday and was really impressed with my meal. I had the steak and eggs for a starter, broccoli and cheese for the 2nd, and the tater tot hot dish as the main. My husband had the charcuterie plate to start, the pork and beans for a 2nd, and the mac and cheese as a main.
I have to say the highlight was the mac and cheese. You see it on a lot of menus, but it was really well done.

I try and pick my restaurant week options carefully, as I feel some places really dumb down their options for restaurant week, but this was great.
Looking forward to my annual restaurant week lunch at Vincent's, and might try to sneak in one more dinner still before Friday.

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  1. I agree, you have to be careful. Sometimes portions change sizes during this time. That's why I always find Fogo to be one of the better deals.

    TTHD at Haute Dish is one of my favorite twin cities meals. For $30 if its the same quality/portion that is a steal of a deal with the app/desert.