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Feb 26, 2013 07:16 AM

Indian or Thai dinner in Arlington tonight

Will be in Arlington this evening and craving either Indian or Thai. I've been to Kathmandu Spice which I liked, but some friends tell me Punjab is better. I've had food from Tom Yum Koong II, also good, but I know there are several other Thai spots. Do you have a fave?

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  1. Thai Moon is my favorite.

    1. Punjab is pretty good; Sweet Basil in the center is good for Thai. Szechuan's Dumpling in the Heights is getting some good press and Little Q is always good (although neither is Thai or Indian).

      I'd do Punjab, if I were near the Center.

      1. I would do Punjab too. Nice interior and service, consistently good food with reasonable prices.


        1. I also recommend Thai Moon if you go with Thai. They are very friendly and the food is really flavorful.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. Ended up trying Thai Moon, which was also recommended by a longtime friend and Arlington food maven. Sad to say, based on my very limited sampling of the menu, I would not return. Wife and I each had a soup, both of which were perfectly fine, if unexceptional, renditions. But my main -- pla rad pik (fried fish in chili sauce) -- was high class junk food. Tasty, yeah, but one of the ingredients in the chili sauce seemed to be ketchup. Tomato element in Thai chili sauce? That seemed wrong. I used up all the rice (which cost extra) to cut the cloying sweetness and still had about half the main left over.