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Feb 26, 2013 07:08 AM

Bachelor Party dining ideas

I am planning a bachelor party for March 16-18. It will be 11 guys all in their late 20's early 30's. I was thinking of going out one night in Back Bay/Fenway area and the other downtown. What food options would you recommend? I have never been to Boston and really would like to keep the entree prices under $30, that way we would have more money for drinking. Thanks!

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  1. I always find that a good bachelor party spot is Chinatown. Would you be open to that? That would definitely keep you in the budget too. It always allows for convenient access to some other venues that may interest your group on a night like that.

    In the Fenway/Kenmore area I'd usually suggest Eastern Standard. Maybe check out the menu and see if it fits the budget. It's a big and loud space, so 11 guys wouldn't feel out of place there.

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    1. re: mkfisher

      Our hotel is near chinatown, so that would be cool.

      As for Eastern Standard, that place looked great, but there were no reservations available on opentable.

      1. re: bbehrens1984

        Bear in mind it is St. Patrick's Day weekend so you might run into a few problems getting a reservation at a number of places.

        Try calling Eastern Standard as not everything is on Open Table.

        Think about a place like Red Lantern, which strives for swank.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Red Lantern looks pretty cool. Thanks for the info.

        2. re: bbehrens1984

          You're going to need to call Eastern Standard. I highly doubt they'll let you book a table for 11 on Opentable.

      2. Back Bay Social Club could work for that sort of thing, it might have the type of vibe you are looking for. As for Downtown, maybe Stoddards...

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          I second both of took both right out my mind

        2. Eastern Standard would be my choice. A decent back up plan would be Stoddards. The food isn't as good as ES but its near your hotel, has a very good beer selection and a really cool interior. They have a downstairs bar that they could probably fit all of you in but I'd prefer to be upstairs.

          1. Red Lantern has a cool city vibe and Brahmin is next door for drinks after....Fenway area I would lean toawrds maybe Sweet Cheeks Q or Eastern Standard [though might be tough at $30/entree], but if you do decide to do ES call ahead for a group that large. The Hawthonre is a great place for lounge/drinks before or after if going to ES.

            Back Bay Social Club is a good choice for price point and location. Sonsie is another one that comes to mind, but $30/entree might be tough.

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            1. re: KeyConcierge

              Actually, at all the places you mentioned, $30+ entrees are the exception on the dinner menus, not the norm.

              1. re: LeoLioness

                True, all places so far are basically in the $20-28 range. And Sweet Cheeks much cheaper. Might be fun to do one casual and fun meal and one nicer one. Good beer choices and some interesting cocktails at SC.

                JM Curlely downtown would be close to your hotel and a nicer but fun place. If you can't get ES reservations, Sonsie would be fun for a group of guys and I just had a great meal there last week (speck pizza and amazing trout, $25). The Beehive in the south end could work, they have jazzz every night. Also Cinque Cento and Gaslight on Harrison Ave. for Italian and French, respectively.

              2. re: KeyConcierge

                Your mention of Sweet Cheeks reminded me of this at Citizens Public House -

                This is the option you are looking for. :)

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