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Feb 26, 2013 06:54 AM

Seafood in Santiago de Compostela

Hi all, I would just like your suggestions on where to have very good and reasonably priced seafood in SdC. I want to try in particular: oysters, camarones, percebes, zamburinas and slipper lobsters (depending on seasonal availability of course).

For a major Galician city, it seems quite hard to find, on the internet, a seafood place that is universally liked in SdC. I've heard La Tacita D`Juan thrown around here, any other suggestions? If possible, I prefer somewhere where I can eat from a tapas bar.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. In all honesty you can stop at most tapas bars to enjoy what you want especially the side-streets near the Cathedral like Rua da Raina. For a real eating experience never to forget I would try Acio. Happy tasting!

      1. Some sea foods are seasonal So before you think about trying them all perhaps a date of your visit to Santiago would be helpful
        There is also a reason why you may not encounter a sea food only restaurant is because this city is not right on the coast. There will be meat on menus too.

        1. Actually April, not this year but the next! I know its early but I take holiday planning as my leisure outside work. Ha.

          Anyone hear of the restaurant Porta Faxeira? Any good?

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            Not eat there yet looks really good from their website if you Google it

          2. I just noticed this thread and thought I would chime in. Take a look at my CH post from last fall:


            It also contains a link to my blog, with more detailed information on Santiago. Like you, I start researching trips, particularly the food, a year or more in advance, and it's really paid off.

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              this is a 2 year old request for information. And you came to Spain after them, maybe very late with your information this time.

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                That's what I get for not reading carefully. It was late last night...

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                  But The North of Spain is so good it has to be written about twice.