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Feb 26, 2013 06:44 AM

Canned Tuna

I recently discovered Genova brand "Tonno" in cans. It's a yellow fin tuna labeled as "solid light" , it's packed in olive oil, and it's absolutely... FANTASTIC!!

There's just nothing like this in cans. After years and years of Bumble Bee, this is quite a discovery. Each mouthful is so savory, so full of rich flavor, all I can say is this:

Genova tuna will spoil you forever.

Now, yes, there are some designer tunas in glass jars from Italy labeled "ventresca" that I'm sure are wonderful as well. But at $1.99 a can, Genova is going to be my "go to" tuna.

Any other tuna stories?

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  1. A Chicken of the Sea product. Looking forward to trying it.

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    1. re: grampart

      I like the "Roland" brand tuna, in water, not olive oil. It is only 2.79 a can and so much better than bumble bee, chicken of the sea and starkist. I have also heard the Genova brand is very good, too, but haven't tried it yet.

      1. re: sophia519

        Can't stand tuna in water. And, if you drain off the oil as much as possible, the additional calories are minimal, not to mention that olive oil is a "good" oil. Go for the olive oil!

        1. re: lemarais

          Buying water-packed and, after draining, adding a drizzle of my own high quality olive oil works for me.

    2. I'm also a Genova Tonno fan. ONCE, Trader Joe's had solid tuna, in OO, in jars. A bit price till I realized almost twice the size of standard can. I splurged and have regretted ever since only buying ONE can!?! Have never seen it at TJ's since. One market near me has jarred (ventresca) but it's a serious splurge... almost $6 for pretty much what you get in stand can at less than half that price.

      1. I just returned from our local Publix store with a couple of the 5 oz. cans of "solid light premium yellowfin in olive oil" for $1.85 each. I sure hope I like it!

        1. I eat their Solid White occasionally. Didn't realize it was CotS. Funny because of major brands, I much prefer Bumble Bee.


          1. I used to love that Genova tuna, but last year we decided once and for all to get off all canned goods that use BPA in the can liners. I buy Wild Planet pole-caught now. It's very tasty and their cans do not have BPA. There are a few manufacturers waking up and making these changes and as they do, I am easing some cans back into our life - Eden Foods' beans, Muir Glen tomatoes, Amy's soups, but other than that, no cans.

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            1. re: rockandroller1

              Costco started carrying Wild Planet again. A (relative) bargain for really good tuna (about $14 for 6 cans).

              1. re: ferret

                I just nabbed the wild planet 6pk for $9.99 with a manufacturer's rebate at my Costco in NC! I look forward to trying it.

                1. re: ohmyyum

                  I just saw Wild Planet at Costco. So it's not packed in anything, I see. So I'd just add olive oil if that's the way I'm going?

              2. re: rockandroller1

                The BPA is apparently onlyh found in larger cans. In the small 5.5 oz size there is no BPA. I did some research about this issue with Cat food, and it's only in the 12 oz and above in the cat food.

                This is also a big issue (though under the radar) with "microwave safe" dishes, I only use glass, and NEVER byt frozen foods that have to be heated in their plastic dishes.

                1. re: lemarais

                  Source, please? I've never heard of such a thing. Can liner is can liner, not sure what the size would have to do with it but am open to being proven wrong (happens every day!).

                  1. re: rockandroller1

                    In this cat food, only the 12 oz size has BPA/. The 3 and 5.5 oz are BPA free.