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Feb 26, 2013 02:36 AM

Hotel New Otani Tokyo


Im going to Tokyo for two weeks and Im wondering if anyone can tell me about the restaurants at Hotel New Otani Tokyo.
Also, what are good restaurants in the surrounding neighbourhood?

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  1. This area, Nagatacho/Akasaka Mitsuke, is packed with restaurants of every genre, from theme restaurants like Ninja Akasaka to high-end sushi and kaiseki. There're too many good ones to mention. Are you looking for something specific?

    I've never been to the restaurants in the hotel, but it's probably the hotel with the best food options in Tokyo, if not in the world. It has branches of Nadaman, Kyubey, Tour D'Argent and even Pierre Herme.

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      These are the restaurants I was most curious about. I am a cook who have been lucky enough to be able to do a "stage" at the restaurants of the hotel for a couple of weeks in March. I will be gathering inspiration for my upcoming seafood restaurant in Bergen, Norway, so its mainly the preparation and handling of seafood that I'll look for. I know its lke asking for a recommandation for a place to drink wine in Paris, but still...Thanks for the reply.

      Also, if there are any nice, budget hotels in the neighbourhood...

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        Sushi Sho is near. The chef's speciality is aged fish.

        Good value hotels in that area (from US$ 80 to US$ 150 - depends on the season): Mitsui Garden Yotsuya, Grand Arc Hanzomon, Monterey Hanzomon, Sunroute Akasaka, Akasaka Excel. I've stayed in all of them. They're quite nice.

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          wow, sushi sho seems incredible! is it hard to get in there?

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            will these good value hotels help make a michelin reservation??

      2. I recommend you go Nadaman (なだ万).
        Nadaman is very nice.
        5 minutes walk from the hotel, there is a good Okonomi-yaki restaurant Botejyu.

        Botejyu (ぼてぢゅう)

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          Thank you, hopefully I´ll manage to spend some time there.