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Feb 25, 2013 10:49 PM

Delicious and fun

I am traveling to Las Vegas with three friends. I visit a few times a year including an annual trip with one of the friends and our husbands. Those trips are centered around the restaurants and we have been to JR, e, B&B, Alex (as it was), Le Cirque, l'Alelier etc. This time I would like to go to some places that are more casual and have a fun atmosphere but still want to enjoy good food. I am thinking China Poblano one night but I am stuck for some other suggestions. I love Raku but it is not for this group. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Have you considered Sage at the Aria? Great food in a more casual atmosphere than Alex (I miss this restaurant) and Le Cirque (my Alex "replacement").

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    1. re: ellenost

      I think sage is a good option
      We are planning for china poblano, sage and maybe the new nobu.

      1. re: jamtart12

        Sage is a good call.Chandelier bar is fab for cocktails...Milos for the $20.13..
        3 course lunch.
        Lotus of Siam..Oyster Bar at Palace Station..
        Secret pizza at the Cosmo for a late night slice.

    2. I'd say get off Strip.

      What do you consider a fun atmosphere?

      The reason I ask is, what may be fun for some, may not be fun for you. Are you looking to get loud, and boisterous, or just funky atmosphere?

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      1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

        Apologies I should have been more clear. By fun I mean lively crowd and interesting room. Nothing too serious or highbrow.

        1. re: jamtart12

          Within those parameters, the Barrymore comes to mind.

        2. Jaleo. Fun, festive (albeit loud) atmosphere with some great drinks and tapas that are good for sharing.

          1. BAr+Bistro is located in the Arts Factory. The hangover Sunday brunch features live bluegrass music. They have a patio area too. Real busy on First Fridays due to the monthly art festival. Sat nights usually have the painters on the patio doing their thing. Artifice bar is right across the street, and they feature DJ's , dancing, and sometimes bands, or acts.

            Le Thai is located on Fremont Street. Friends rave about the food, and lots of nearby activities.

            Eat -- for breakfast. Also located near Fremont.