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Feb 25, 2013 10:46 PM
Discussion Yay or nay

So after looking for some new all clad cookware this site as the cheapest so far. But I wanna know what has your experience been like if you bought from them, eg costumer service, shipping and so on.

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  1. It wasn't All-Clad but I did purchase Silpats and a tart pan from them a couple of months back. Pretty straightforward, no issues with either process or shipment.

    1. I didn't buy All-Clad, either, but got a great deal on a food mill, bundt pan and a cookie scoop back in November. In fact, initially we put the food mill together incorrectly and they directed me to a video on their site on how to do it the right way. Very happy with their customer service and no issues with shipping whatsoever. I say go for it!

      1. Cookwarenmore yay! I don't know anything about cutleryandmore.

        1. Not All-Clad also, mine were two knives at heavily discounted price. No hiccups and orders arrive in about one week.

          1. C&M is one of my favorite cooking equipment sites. I've used it several times and found some real bargains on occasion. I've never been dissatisfied.