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Feb 25, 2013 07:55 PM

A fun read for all you Richard Blais fans

From the WSJ in an article titled "In Pursuit of Love, Chef Learns to Love Running":


For chef Richard Blais, it was a taste here and a taste there done in the course of a day cooking at Blais, his Atlanta restaurant at the time, that caused him to balloon to 230 pounds. New eating habits, coupled with a love of running and a woman, helped Mr. Blais get down to 170 pounds, a weight he has maintained for the past four years.

Read it all here:

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  1. Paul Prudhomme has said that he lost weight just by not using a spoon to taste sauces.

      1. re: paulj

        Well, that's technically not a "review" right?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          preview? interview about the book?

      2. The article says that "He was a runner-up in Bravo's TV cooking show competition, 'Top Chef: All-Stars' in 2010." He won all stars (in 2011). He was runner up on TC 4 in 2008.

        Not that I really care, but that's pretty sloppy when the facts are so readily available.

        1. It was a fun read. I didn't know his wife was a personal trainer. Not surprised that he's been obsessive about running but I guess for him, that's a good thing. Marcus Samuelsson looks like a runner with his build. I'd love to know how fast he and Bobby Flay are. I think the funny thing about the article is that it even covers that he wears Newtons. I have a barely used pair that I could sent him.