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Feb 25, 2013 06:10 PM

Cuban Restaurant

I will be visiting Miami again soon and would like to try a Cuban restaurant. Any restaurants I could try on south beach? I will have a car, but prefer to walk. I will be staying on Ocean Drive and 8th street. Thanks!!

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  1. Puerto Sagua
    Las Olas Cafe
    David's Cafe

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Have you ever tried Bella Cuba at 16th & Washington? (I have not). Not sure if it ought to be added to the customary "South Beach Cuban Restaurant" list.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Have not. My other recs are quite a bit closer anyway. I heard mixed things about Bella so was never excited to try it.

    2. Chances are....the black beans and rice are pretty good.....The masas de puerco and vaca frita are decent.....And the cortadito and the coladas are also solid.....Chances are....

      I don't think there's really such thing as a 'bad' cuban restaurant....I'm sure there are some that are better than question....But I've never had 'bad' cuban food.....:).....I guess that's because I like it....

      Ft. Pierce, FL