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Feb 25, 2013 06:05 PM

Rice setting for quick-cooking brown rice?

I've had no problem cooking brown rice in a rice cooker, but recently bought quick-cooking brown rice. I added the normal amount of water I add to regular brown rice (which was much less than what the package recommended -- if I added the amount the package said to, I don't think the rice would ever be done!). Any experience on what level to set it to? My choices are: White Rice, White Rice Quick Cook, Brown Rice, and Porridge. I set it to Brown Rice for now. Thanks.

(Previous posts in hear have discussed brown rice in a rice cooker, but not quick-cooking brown rice.)

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  1. According to The Ultimate Rice Cooker cook book, 1 1/2 cup water to one cup rice, regular (white rice) cycle. Soak for half an hour in the cooking water if you have time, let steam for 10-15 after the cycle is done before fluffing.

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      Thanks, Jeri. That's the amount the package said, but it seemed like WAY too much water - and I've been using a rice cooker to cook white and borwn rice for years.

      Any idea what I should do now that I used the regular amount of water (the markings on the cooker) and put it at a brown rice setting? I figure at most it'll be overcooked.