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Feb 25, 2013 05:18 PM


Ewenity is a sheep dairy farm located in Fergus, ON. We picked up some amazing products over the weekend at the SLM farmer's market.
Highlights were their camembert ("Ramembert") and signature Eweda (past. semi-hard).
The lady who sold the cheese was super friendly and informative. Their products are also reasonably priced. 3 cheeses cost <$20.

Together with Momforte, they have been making my saturdays cheesy and happy.

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  1. Their feta is my standard choice. I get it at Fiesta.

    1. Karma Coop sells Ewenity as well as Monforte products.

      1. I enjoy the Ramembert and Eweda Cru though the latter as much for its fun pronounciation. The sheep's yogurt is the only yogurt I eat. More interesting than cow and not as funky as goat. That means its good to eat on its own and you can cook with it.

        Not all stores have everything so call first: