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Feb 25, 2013 04:22 PM

Buy Israel Week-Feb 25- March 3 what food did you buy?

Because this is a food board - list your food (or food type) purchases:)
I bought two candy bars today in a local Jewish gift shop along with two non food items:)'More shopping to come I am sure!

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  1. I bought a bunch of those sabra hummus and dips.

    1. If you get a chance, buy Israeli cottage cheese ... best in the world, even if you're an American who hates the stuff, based on experiencing the generally awful U.S. varieties.

      Sabra is owned by the Israeli company Strauss. They make probably the best hummus in America. But if you get a chance to try made-in-Israel hummus, do it, regardless of who makes it. It will be tastier than anything made in the States. Yes, you read that right: Strauss hummus made in Israel is better. So is any hummus made in israel.

      If somebody offers you Israeli-made Chinese food, take a pass.

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        One of the very best meals I had in Israel was Chinese food. Made in Jerusalem, back in 1982. Oh wow it was GOOD! Wish I could go back there for dinner tonight:) So while I will take your word for the hummas, i have to disagree with the Chinese fod bit.
        BTW Sabra is now owned in the US by the people who make Fritos. I do like their humas alot- though Bobbies (made in Philly) is super yummy too and kosher:)

        1. re: ThePrettypoodle

          It's hard to find, but in the Philly area Zev's makes amazing hummus, keystone K certified. They used to sell it at Essene on Bainbridge St. Similar in style to Sabra but much fresher, no preservatives (unlike Sabra).

        2. re: emu48

          What name brand is Strauss hummus made in Israel sold under?

          1. re: cresyd

            Achla (אחלה).

            Sorry, didn't know Strauss had sold Sabra.

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              According to Wikipedia, Sabra is a joint venture by Strauss and Frito-Lay, and Strauss owns 51%, so I say it counts for buying Israeli (barely).


              1. re: emu48

                Ah, that makes sense. I'm not such a huge fan of their hummus, but I like some of their other products.

              2. re: cresyd

                Achla (אחלה). sorry for the dupe post.

            2. Bought my non-schmura Pesach matzo and wine

              1. Trader Joe's has a fabulous Isreali Feta.

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                1. re: LizGW

                  I was going to mention that as well. I am unhappy though that it's gone up in price to $7.75 /pkg.

                  Does anyone know if they make a KLP version?

                  1. re: SoCal Mother

                    Costco has the tnuva- I think it's 5.99/lb

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      Not sure but my family likes the TJ's feta better than the feta from Costco.

                      1. re: SoCal Mother

                        I'll look for the TJs feta. Is it in brine or plastic wrap?

                        1. re: cheesecake17

                          It's in a sealed plastic wrapper, with some brine, and priced per pound, rather than a flat price. Definitely one of my favorite things to get from TJ's.

                          1. re: hbg1

                            Thanks, I'll look next time I'm there

                  2. As I thought I bought MORE:) Woo hoo:) Last night we bought some yummy looking KP snaak rings and a block of my fav butter by Tnuva. Supporting Israel and my local ecconomy in my own small way..