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Feb 25, 2013 03:55 PM

Dohertys - Pawtucket: Best Kept secret in Pawtucket?

We were in Pawtucket for a play and found Doherty's as a close by pub.What a FIND!

Deceiving from the outside as you drive up - but once you get inside, opens up into a nice (not great decor) pub space.

The beer list is awesome - the list has some 80+ drafts, more bottles and a wide selection of not so typical hard liquors...

.FOOD: great pub food - clam chowder - yum; friends had wings and ribs and wiped their plates clean - I had fish and chips - I hate fries (love the fish and give the fries out to my tablemates) - but these were very good,fish was moist and served piping hot, great slaw on the side! - - they have a brunch menu that looked great -

SERVICE : started off kind of weird - but "KATY" came over when we asked if we could get service - and while we weren't part of her station - she just pitched in got us started and finished with us - ASK FOR KATY - you will be glad you did!

and yes - next pass into the PROVIDENCE area - and this will be on our stop list - less than a mile from 95 - so easy to get to and back as well.....

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  1. Not really a secret - but it is a great spot.

    Used to be the East Ave. Cafe, which in its prime was even better then the current incarnation (the Saturday pig roasts are very much missed).

    Doherty's is in our rotation as a kid-friendly dinner spot and the beer list is second to none, but where it really shines food-wise is a brunch.

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      And even before that, it was the First Chance/Last Chance, a classic workingman's bar. The food of choice -- stuffies.

    2. Had a great breakfast there on Sunday, the corned beef hash was tasty, the beer list was quite good, and the price was right - a few bucks less than our average breakfast bill. I'll be back. I was also super impressed by the menu for their "Sour Valentine's Dinner," but unfortunately I couldn't make it that day.

      1. we did the brunch once and it was excellent. i have a lot of vegan friends and there were plenty of options for them.

        east ave cafe catered my wedding 8 years ago and everybody still talks about how great the food was.

        1. Good spot. Had some tasty grilled wings there and a few craft brews.