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Feb 25, 2013 02:54 PM


Does anyone know anywhere in the Twin Cities who make their own tortillas?

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  1. Do you mean a restaurant or a factory? Corn or flour?

    La Perla at Lake and Bloomington in Mpls is a factory that makes their corn and flour tortillas daily, and many restaurants make their own - Los Ocampo at Lake and Chicago makes excellent flour ones you can also take home.

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    1. re: SmartCookie

      Yes, I mean in the restaurant, thank you! Either corn or flour I'm down with. I've never been to Los Ocampo so that may be the winner this week. Thanks much!

      1. re: sheikkila

        If you order the Platillo combo at Los Ocampo, you get these thick, delicious, obviously homemade corn tortillas. If you order the tacos, I don't know if they are homemade or not -- they are much thinner and look commercial , but I am no expert.

    2. I would assume that if they had a day's warning you could get some of the awesome homemade corn tortillas at Maya Cuisine around 18th and Central NE. Mama takes her time cranking them out but they are good and a bit thicker than most corn tortillas so that they only use one per taco.

      If you hit Maya be sure to get a taste of their salsa de arbol - a sure winner. Excellent tamales too!

      1. Sonora Grill in Midtown Global Market.


        1. Many tortilla makers around the TC have begun putting preservatives in their tortillas. Surely an economical decision, as without them the tortillas stale very quickly. But these preservative give a gummy quality to tortillas. Just a heads up.

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            That's a really great piece of info sandylc, thanks! I am just jonesin' for a homemade tortialla like I had in Houston and Austin last year. I wish we could get those places here too.

            1. re: sheikkila

              I think Manana in E. St Paul, W 7th st. makes some of the best handmade corn tortillas I have eaten in this country. They are thick, chewy, dense and delicious.

            2. re: sandylc

              What places have started doing that?

              1. re: mitch cumstein

                La Perla, for one. And when I look at all of the tortillas at El Burrito Mercado, it is rare to find preservative-free tortillas, whether made here or imported from Chicago.

            3. The tortillas at Homi on University were great.

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