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Feb 25, 2013 01:55 PM

Victor's Falafel - Natick - Disaster!

I've been meaning to post this for about a month. We stopped by on our drive out to the Natick Mall. I had read bad reviews in the past, and then he was closed. And then......reopened! So I wasn't certain if this was the same owner or whether a different owner, but we figured we'd try one falafel.

The place was dead and there was Victor sitting behind the register reading a paper. First, suspicions were piqued as I saw no fryer on site, only these holding ovens and a sandwich prep station. Falafel was relatively inexpensive but...what's this? $2 extra for some hummus in the falafel? Seems a little steep but, ok, we go for it, and also we make it a large to share. It came to something like $10 total, which is high for a falafel wrap...but it's the large, right?

Uh-Oh.....We see him take some falafels out of a big pan in the oven and make our order. When he hands me the order I ask for some hot sauce and he grumbles "It's already in there". We open the wrap to eat it and it is only about an inch and a half in diameter. Really, I kid you not! There were just a couple of horrible dried out and flavorless falafels in there, with hardly any vegetables. The $2 hummus? Well, I could barely see it, let alone taste it. This was such a sham, we were practically sick with anger.

Never again!

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  1. On a happier ending, my DH made his homemade Israeli falafel a couple of nights ago....perfectly seasoned, light and fluffy inside, crispy and non-greasy on the outside. Paired with our homemade Israeli salad, assorted delicacies from Arax including olives, turnip pickles and tahini and we were in heaven!

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        Yeah, I felt so bad having to be so negative, I really needed to add *something* positive in there! But hounds need to know.....

        1. re: Science Chick

          Thanks for the warning.

          The most positive thing I got from that was that your DH made his own homemade felafel. I like that a lot. That was the silver lining.

          I've found way too often that I can do it better at home, at least to my palate. As well I enjoy the process, avoid crowds, noise and driving and save money along the way. There is very little that I feel compelled to eat outside of my home. I would more often opt to invite guests to my home for dinner over going out. I guess I'm a control freak

    1. My one time they weren't bad. He did explain he bakes them, but the extra $$ for add ons turnrd me off.

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        Baked is one thing, although pretty weird. Dried up and terrible is another thing entirely.

      2. I live in the area and drive by this place all the time. I have never seen a customer walking in, walking out or in the restaurant. I have stayed far away and am really glad I have. Next time Science Chick, go a half mile or so past the mall and turn right at the Walmart. On your left there is a strip of restaurants including a Five Guys. One of the restaurants is Big Fresh and they have excellent falafel wraps which superb spicy harissa sauce.

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