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Feb 25, 2013 01:18 PM

Brunch for 6 in SF

Hello 'hounds,
I am hosting a brunch for 6 of my dearest friends in the city and am hoping for some feedback. Looking for someplace that takes reservations and is hopefully within relatively easy public transit of Powell St. Bart.
I'd prefer a menu that is balanced between sweet and savory options, with interesting choices but not so far "out there" that everyone will be looking at the menu askance after a night of drinking.
Places I'm considering:
Bar Jules
Foreign Cinema
Any thoughts, additions, comments? Thanks!

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  1. I'd consider adding Bar Tartine to your list of possibilities. See my recent post about brunch there:

    I'm not sure which of the places on your list take reservations, or what time they all this for a Saturday or Sunday?

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Sorry, this is for a Sunday. Seems like most open at 11 or so. I looked at Bar Tartine but it seemed really skewed toward savory. Creamed herring on smorrebrod may work for me but I'm not sure about my guests. :) Thanks for the tip, though. I will consider it!

    2. If hair-of-dog (hard alcohol) is not required, Boulette's on a Sundy is nice.

      1. Nopa is my favorite brunch in SF. Plus, they take reservations, which is always a bonus. But it is further from Bart than some of your other options.
        I haven't been to Cotogna for brunch but would be very surprised if it was anything but excellent.
        Like Dave MP, I am also a fan of brunch at Bar Tartine.

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          Because I am such a fan of Cotogna for lunch, I was thinking how nice it would be for brunch.

          Brunch appears to be Sunday only which would work, starting at 11:30 but alas no sweet offerings that I can see for the OP:

        2. I was also going to suggest Bar Tartine - so good! I'm also a big fan of Savor in Noe Valley. You can take the J Church Outbound from Powell Street to get there.

          My friends and I went there after NYE this year, so I can assure you it's great after a long night! :)

          I'm attaching a pic of the *delish* French Toast & fresh fruit I got there that day.

          Hope this helps!