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Feb 25, 2013 12:44 PM

Pan Fried Noodle Sauce??

I just love Japanese Pan Fried Noodles?? What is the brown colored sauce?? I'd like to buy some or if you have a recipe to make it.

I saw a bottle of Yakisoba sauce on Amazon is that what I need??

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  1. Not sure about using the sauce you saw on Amazon. But whenever i need a brown sauce in pan fried noodles I alternate between using a mixture of Soy sauce & hoison sauce or Soy sauce & Oyster sauce. Both sauces have distinct flavors and both have worked good once i mixed a bit of soy sauce in to cut the creamy pasty texture.

    1. The characteristic Worcestershire-flavored sauce you are looking for goes by several names: okonomi, tonkatsu or yakisoba sauce. You will also need nori and pickled ginger to get the flavor just right.

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            Yes, those are pretty common I have yet to try one, maybe I will tomorrow. Most grocery stores, convenient stores and bakeries have those available :P

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              In parts of the Northeast you can get chow mein sandwiches as well.