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Feb 25, 2013 12:31 PM

If I have to pick only one for dinner, what will it be? Minibar? Komi?

I am more interested in avant garde cuisine.
If I have to pick only one for dinner, what will it be? Minibar? Komi?
Supposing that I can get a table at Minibar, that is.

P.S. Does Komi allow photo-taking?


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  1. No, they don't. Yay, Komi.

    1. Komi doesn't allow photo-taking.

      I think if its molecular gastronomy/avant garde cuisine you are after then you should try for Mini Bar. I haven't eaten there before but I have eaten at Komi and while it is an amazing meal, I wouldn't necessarily call it avant gard.

      1. Neither. Both are worthwhile, but if you can only pick one dinner, I say pick Table 21 at Volt.

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        1. re: mnadel

          I liked Table 21 better than Rogue, FWIW. I agree Komi is fantastic but not really going after the same thing.

        2. how does rogue 24 compare to these places?

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          1. re: autopi

            Rogue is better than both.

            Of the three I would rank them thusly:

            1. Rogue
            2. Komi
            3. Minibar

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I have been to Rogue already and while good, it was not mind-blowing. So if you say Roque is better than Minibar... Wow... I don't know what to expect from Minibar now...

          2. I haven't been to minibar since shortly after it first opened. but I have hunch, I would have a different impression today than I did then.

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            1. re: hill food

              edit for clarification: loved minibar in 2004-ish (has it really been that long?), not so sure if I would today. I'd go elsewhere if I had the option and budget.