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If I have to pick only one for dinner, what will it be? Minibar? Komi?

I am more interested in avant garde cuisine.
If I have to pick only one for dinner, what will it be? Minibar? Komi?
Supposing that I can get a table at Minibar, that is.

P.S. Does Komi allow photo-taking?


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  1. No, they don't. Yay, Komi.

    1. Komi doesn't allow photo-taking.

      I think if its molecular gastronomy/avant garde cuisine you are after then you should try for Mini Bar. I haven't eaten there before but I have eaten at Komi and while it is an amazing meal, I wouldn't necessarily call it avant gard.

      1. Neither. Both are worthwhile, but if you can only pick one dinner, I say pick Table 21 at Volt.

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          I liked Table 21 better than Rogue, FWIW. I agree Komi is fantastic but not really going after the same thing.

        2. how does rogue 24 compare to these places?

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          1. re: autopi

            Rogue is better than both.

            Of the three I would rank them thusly:

            1. Rogue
            2. Komi
            3. Minibar

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              I have been to Rogue already and while good, it was not mind-blowing. So if you say Roque is better than Minibar... Wow... I don't know what to expect from Minibar now...

          2. I haven't been to minibar since shortly after it first opened. but I have hunch, I would have a different impression today than I did then.

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              edit for clarification: loved minibar in 2004-ish (has it really been that long?), not so sure if I would today. I'd go elsewhere if I had the option and budget.

            2. If your goal is to collect experiences at celebrity chef joints, then you'd go to Minibar. If you want something unique to DC, you'd go to Komi. The problem with Rogue is you never know what you're gonna get (but it'll be creative and unique). The menu changes frequently - which is good if you're a local and want to keep trying new stuff. Volt is quite a drive but very good. A new contender in town for multi-course dining is Roberto Donna's 4 seat counter at Al Dente. Volt and Komi are less avant garde than Minibar and Rogue.

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              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                I enjoyed Rogue, but it was not really mind-blowing. Do you think Minibar may give me a better experience?

                1. re: agaaga

                  I haven't been to the "new" Minibar, but my experience with the old Minibar was similar to what I got at Rogue. Some interesting hits, and some interesting but not so tasty misses. The problem is that Minibar is $225 now. To me that's too much money for interesting but not necessarily tasty food.

              2. I don't think of Komi as avant garde at all. It's got a lot of small plates and it's beyond fantastic, but all the food looks pretty much like normal food.

                At Rogue 24 and minibar you might get a salad that looks like a pizza and a pizza that looks like a lawn mower! Not really, but I hope you get my point.

                If you want weird and different looking food, Komi is the most normal of the three.