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Feb 25, 2013 12:03 PM

Tax time food traditions?

Anyone else have a food-tradition for tax time? Our's is a celebration with take-out pizza, ordered as we start the final print of the forms. From a time when our taxes were much more complex and we still both worked full-time, so we'd spend an entire weekend just getting them DONE. No time to cook. Now, with the help of software programs and more time available to spread out the work, it's not nearly so intense. But we've kept the "tradition".

We've been surprised to learn that all in our circle of friends pay a preparer. Where's the fun in that? (Of course there are those who'd suggest we're doing the same with our take-out celebration meal.)

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  1. Well, our accountant is a friend of ours and going to their house usually involves a pig roast, an insane buffet and several bottles of good wine....

    As for it being a tax tradition, I've never even heard of anyone doing that though its an idea I can certainly get behind.

    We would probably order Thai. We use any and every excuse we can to order Thai take away from the fantastic independently owned place down the street.

    (My taxes involve my business taxes, it pays to pay someone! I'm not into self inflicted pain.)

    1. Ramen noodles. I end up owing every year. This year, not so bad, but when I was a 1099er... ouch. I do my own now, but when I was 1099 I used an accountant.

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        I was going to say Mac & Cheese, for similar reasons...

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          The one year I had to turn in a 1099, I think I fasted for a few days. That was pretty depressing.

          1. After failing to have enough withholding this year..

            CROW and HUMBLE PIE!

            1. All I know is that I'm thinking big and fancy. We've got $22 coming our way!
              Maybe a surprise trip, like a cooking vacation in Tuscany? Eh, probably not.

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                That amount would get you a whole turkey. Big, at least, but you'd need to get creative on the fancy. (You have seen the joke turkey-at-the-beach photo, haven't you?)