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La Grenouille - Feb 2013

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Dinner on Friday night at La Grenouille – pre –theater – had a 5:30 reservation that I arrived separately from my wife; had a great cocktail at the small bar while I waited and just took in the majesty of the room – the red banquets, the mirrors, the flowers, just incredible.

My wife arrived shortly thereafter and we were seated in a corner banquet that looked way too small for me to fit in, but once I did I felt perfectly situated and was more comfortable than any other dinner experience I can remember.

The captain came by and offered two different menus – one pre-theater and the other the “regular” menu. My wife came for the Dover Sole which made our menu choice simple, it was only offered on the main.

We were told that a bottle of champagne had been pre-arranged by a friend who – unbeknownst to us -called the restaurant earlier in the day knowing it was a special occasion for us - the waiter opened and served it while sparkling water was poured for us, followed by a choice of breads was offered and a silver tray of gougeres and cheese sticks were placed for us to nibble on.

Time flew by as we sipped champagne and looked at the marvelous setting and all the beautiful people around us. Eventually we ordered our meal - Dover sole for both of us as well as caviar for my lady and I had the roasted clams for a starter. The clams were impeccable, topped with parsley and a hint of olive oil they were sweet and abundant (12 in all) - The caviar was a recipe for decadence, as the entire jar was eaten on mini blinnis, toast points with onion, egg, chive and per my wife’s special request capers.

Then the main course of perfectly flitted fish with a tangy mustard sauce, served simply with green beans that must have been cooked with more butter than I have used all year. They were delicious!

Desert followed, we are not soufflé fans so we had a chocolate parfait and a warm apple tart that were thrilling, as we enjoyed our coffee we were please to know this is still our favorite romantic restaurant anywhere in the world.

Thank everyone who helped make this special occasion truly memorable.

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  1. Sigh. Sounds heavenly - what a nice review! Thanks.

    You've reminded me that it's been much too long since I've been to La Grenouille - it was pre-my husband, which means I need to take him there. Glad to hear they're still hitting the high points for a special night out.

    1. Great review, and great story about the champagne! I'm so excited to go, but waiting for the right occasion, I suppose. Can't wait to try the dover sole you deliciously described (and the quenelles)

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        Yes, les quenelles! We also want to try them (not sure if it's one or two). I'm wondering whether we should order one serving to share between the two of us as an appetizer, and then we each order the sole. The quenelles sound much better to me than any of the appetizers, but I would be interested in any thoughts others may have.

      2. Beautiful review, thank you!