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Feb 25, 2013 11:51 AM

Anchovies in six packs gone from Costco!

We were cruising the Santa Rosa Costco a couple of weeks ago and could not find the six-packs of anchovies (Crown Prince brand). We checked with the folks up front and they don't show anchovies as a stock item at all.

Rohnert Park Costco doesn't have them - and hasn't for quite a few years. We assume demand was too low and the product didn't move enough to justify it's shelf space.

We've stopped by the customer feedback area and put in a form asking that they bring back the anchovies. This is between the food court and the tire shop. If a number of us ask, and then buy, we may get the anchovies back!

Please help.

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  1. You might want to try the business costco in hayward. They tend to have quite a few of the items that get discontinued at the regular stores.

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    1. re: kungful

      That Costco in Hayward carries anchovies, but a large can equivalent to several small cans.

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        Hayward is a bit of a hike from Santa Rosa - I think Vallejo is closer!

        Thanks for the heads up, but we'll pass until I know we need an industrial supply of the little salted fishes.


      2. was at Richmond Costco (minimally better than Hayward for you) today and they had 6-packs of anchovies there.

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          Many thanks drewsklSF, Richmond is a bit better for us. Those anchovy 6-packs are only present where the Costco clientele are uber-sophisticated, I'm sure. When we lost them at our Rohnert Park store, we consoled ourselves with the the thought that Santa Rosa would carry on the good fight and allow us to buy them close to home.

          Not so, but I then hoped that the Chowhounds of Santa Rosa would rally round and help us get them back in our Santa Rosa Costco.

          I gotta thank you folks who have pointed us in the direction we probably should have taken for retirement - we should have moved to the east bay where anchovies are still available in your Costco stores!

          Many thanks,