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Feb 25, 2013 10:48 AM

one dinner only in manhattan this sunday - need my big city fix

looking for some guidance. have one night to eat out in manhattan, have been spending too much time as of late eating at family friendly suburban restaurants with a toddler and looking for a big city fix. open to different kinds of cuisines (all ethnicities) and open on budget. i know this is a somewhat difficult request, so many thanks in advance for any thoughts! one definite preferences is for smaller places, more off the beatean path....

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  1. Are you dining solo or with your family? Here are some newish, smaller places off the beaten path:

    The Marrow
    Le Philosophe
    Il Buco Alimentari
    Yunnan Kitchen

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      thanks peter j - eating with two college girlfriends...

      1. re: lexvegas

        I see a 7pm for 3 for tonight at Louro on OpenTable right now.

        I also see an 8:30pm at Babbo (!) available. Someone must have just cancelled.

        I also see tables at The Dutch, Locanda Verde, Maialino, and Eleven Madison Park, Public, Recette, Scarpetta...