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one dinner only in manhattan this sunday - need my big city fix

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looking for some guidance. have one night to eat out in manhattan, have been spending too much time as of late eating at family friendly suburban restaurants with a toddler and looking for a big city fix. open to different kinds of cuisines (all ethnicities) and open on budget. i know this is a somewhat difficult request, so many thanks in advance for any thoughts! one definite preferences is for smaller places, more off the beatean path....

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  1. Are you dining solo or with your family? Here are some newish, smaller places off the beaten path:

    The Marrow
    Le Philosophe
    Il Buco Alimentari
    Yunnan Kitchen

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      thanks peter j - eating with two college girlfriends...

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        I see a 7pm for 3 for tonight at Louro on OpenTable right now.

        I also see an 8:30pm at Babbo (!) available. Someone must have just cancelled.

        I also see tables at The Dutch, Locanda Verde, Maialino, and Eleven Madison Park, Public, Recette, Scarpetta...