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Hot Braised Pork - Chinese Restaurant Dish

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I used to get a dish called hot braised pork at a restaurant on Foster Ave. near Kimball called Wok Inn. This dish was amazing. Nuggets of pork deep fried then stir fried with a dark, garlic-ey not too spicy sauce (the menu showed it as one of the "hot" dishes) including sliced onion, red & green peppers and carrots.

I have never seen this dish on any other restaurant menu although I am sure it exists, probably with a different name. Special warm thoughts to anyone who can reunite me with this old favorite (the Wok Inn closed many years ago and we're still looking).

They had another dish they called twice cooked pork - planks of pork were first braised or roasted then stir fried with slices of cabbage in a similarly hot garlick-ey sauce. Thanks.

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  1. Some places call that "empress" sauce. At the restaurant where I learned to cook chinese food american-style, the sauce was hoisin, chile oil, oyster sauce, salt and sugar and some watered corn strarch for bulk and thickness.

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      If you mean "empress" as in "empress chicken" no, this was not like that dish at all, at least at any of the restaurants where I was served Empress Chicken. Thanks for your feedback.