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Advice from Parents of good places with good food for kids. Other than chicken nuggets.

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I'm traveling to NYC with my daughter in two weeks. We have reservations for Lupa on Saturday. We are staying in Park Slope but will be doing lots of adventures. She is a really good eater and I can usually find something on any menu she will eat. Any other greats we should try? We will try to go to Chinatown for at least lunch. We have 4 days to plan for so any advice from parents would be great.

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  1. PS my daughter is 7 if that helps.

    1. There are a lot of options for kids in Manhattan! My friends with kids regularly go to Balthazar (they give crayons), Shake Shack, Landmarc, Bubby's, etc. Even Momofuku Ssam (for lunch or early dinner -- it's pretty loud so a fussy baby is often not even noticed).

      A well-behaved 7 year old who is a good eater can basically go anywhere save for the very upscale, tasting menu only restaurants.

      This report will probably help -- the poster took their family to Craft, the NoMad, Lupa (like you plan to), and Maialino. They had two kids, ages 6, and 8, very close to yours. And these are all a la carte, which helps with kids (smaller appetites, etc).

      NY with kids (ages 5 and 9

      Kid-Friendly (Without Being Boring for the Adults) Restaurants on the West Side

      First time in Manhattan. Me, wife, and 2 kids.. need recommendation of where to eat..

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      1. Katz's. If your daughter doesn't like pastrami, you can get a fatty brisket sandwich (and only a fatty one, or else it will be dry). But make sure to get only one sandwich and share it unless you will have refrigerator space or truly formidable appetites.

        Dim sum would be fun for your daughter, especially if she hasn't experienced it before, and Nom Wah might be the most fun because it's a classic place on a curvy street.

        Also, consider getting some good New York pizza. Check recommendations for Brooklyn pizzerias on Outer Boroughs.

        1. I've had my kids in the The Odeon on numerous occassions and it was nice experience. very casual. Its at 145 West Broadway , between Thomas and Also the Coffee Shop in Union Square is good.

          1. Landmarc, Blue Smoke,Pretty much any mexican restaurant

            1. Just a follow up! We had a great Trip with lots of good food experiences.
              Friday night we Went to Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn - Great kids menu and we really enjoyed the sushi. Great wine by the carafe

              Saturday we started with Bagels late in morning, Afternoon snack of Rice Pudding from Rice to Riches (my all time favorite place) and Dinner was at Lupa. Great service they were very nice to my girl and we had a fantastic meal. I ended up eating her pasta because she wanted my pork belly dish:)

              Sunday we had croissants and coffee at a cute place in Brooklyn Lunch we had Shake Shack (always a hit) Dinner we went to Kreschendo's (Elizabeth Falkners) it was awesome. She was behind the counter cooking up pizzas and such. Plus the table next to us was jammed packed with all NYC women chefs. Really cool night. They were great and the food/wine was fantastic.

              Monday we had Bouchon Bakery for breakfast as we watched the skaters, Serendipity for Lunch and Ramen for dinner. I can't remember the name of the ramen place but located in Brooklyn amazing little restaurant. Steamed Buns, Kale salad (daughter asked for another helping) and the kim chi ramen amazing.

              Tuesday we filled up on Bagels and got some to take home.
              We had a great trip got to see and do all the things we had planned. Can't wait to go back with my little adventurous eater.

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                Sounds like you had a real good experience

              2. A restaurant with a BIG fish tank?