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Feb 25, 2013 10:14 AM

Calgary for one week - recs pls

Coming to Calgary for one week. My fave is Calgary are Rush and River Cafe. In the past, have tried Alloy and many of the others downtown. Whatever is in the Hotel "Where" guide.
For this time, thinking of Cactus Club, Charcut, and Jelly Modern.

What are the must-trys at Cactus, Charcut and Jelly?

Have not visited in 2 years. What are other places in the downtown or airport area where i can get a good meal for under $25 for entree. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love the Raincoast Greens salad at Cactus Club.

    Jelly's most popular donut is probably their Maple Bacon but I liked the chocolate PB the best.

    Charcut... probably the house-made charcuterie. I love meat but for some reason, my favourite parts of the meals there has been their desserts!

    My favourite newer restaurants are Model Milk, Cibo and Borgo, all on 17th Ave.

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      Thx. I will check out menus for model milk, cibo and borgo.

    2. Just had lunch twice in the past few weeks at River Cafe.....superb!! Quality ingredients, great presentation & excellent service all in a wonderful environment.
      You are obviously familiar with RC so maybe worth a visit anyway.

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        +1 for Cibo. Except it is noisy when busy. Found it very reasonable for decent portions. creative food. have the panacotta for dessert.

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          Cibo menu looks great. I usually go downtown or stay in north area. Looking forward to this one. Thanks so much.

      2. Also if you like Thai food, then Khoa San Thai on 17th is fantastic.

        1. Nearish to the airport is White Elephant Thai http://www.whiteelephantcuisinecalgar...
          I've been only once but really enjoyed it, I'm told that it is authentic thai food. But, you must get a reservation, the atmosphere is not the most romantic (the basement of The Pointe Inn). I want to try the steamed fish soup, but it must be ordered 4 hours in advance. 1808 19 St NE

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