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Feb 25, 2013 09:04 AM

Looking for good veggie recipes using Moroccan ingredients

So there is a fantastic Armenian market near me, and I went last Saturday and bought some items to stock my pantry, including:

Ras El Hanout, a jar of preserved lemons, a couple of cans of Harissa, some fantastic green and black olives, some Freekeh and some Beluga lentils.

Of course, I suppose I'm looking at making a Moroccan-inspired meal with all that, but here is my challenge; does anyone have good vegetarian recipes that would use most or all of those ingredients? I know I don't need to use all of it in one recipe, but I was curious what my options are.

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  1. I would think a vegetable tagine over couscous would probably be the most obvious idea. Harissa is also great with warm olives.

    Maybe not strictly Moroccan, but I've had great result with making the red charmoula from Mourad: New Moroccan, and then using it to marinate and grill vegetables (eggplant, cauliflower, etc.). I substitute my homemade ras al hanout for the cumin in the recipe.

    Doesn't directly answer your question, but preserved lemons are also magic with any dark leafy greens.

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      The tip about the leafy greens is great, thanks. I see there are a few recipes for using chard or kale with the preserved lemons and the Ras el Hanout. That would do the trick :) I can use some of the Harissa as well, since everything is better with a little kick to it.

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        Maybe try not to feel the need to use all of the ingredients in everything.

        Even though there's not a ton of veggie stuff, I would have a look through Mourad: New Moroccan (at least the portions you can see in Google Books, or go check it out in a bookstore). There are some good ideas for all of the ingredients you mention.

        His tagine recipe is here: (doesn't include the red charmoula recipe, but you can find it in the Google Books version of his book if you don't want to buy it). Seriously, I can't emphasize enough how good the charmoula is, and it keeps for a week or so once you've made it.

        or a different vegetable tagine recipe here:

        You could try making the root vegetable portion only of this recipe which originally is paired with chicken.

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          Tagine is the perfect solution - you can serve it with the freekeh instead of couscous. In fact, you can use freekeh in place of couscous, bulgur or quinoa in most recipes, which really expands your options.

          It also makes a great pilaf/salad. This one will help you use some of the olives & preserved lemon:

          Don't forget about lentil burgers - season them with ras el hanout, and serve with Ottolenghi's preserved lemon & harissa relish:
          In a medium bowl, mix together 2 preserved lemons (220g) sliced into thin strips, 1 tsp lemon juice, 3 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp harissa paste. Set aside until needed.

          Carrot salad with preserved lemon & harissa is great too. Or make a Moroccan-spiced carrot dip with harissa and serve it with ras el hanout-spiced pita chips.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Thanks so much! That Freekeh salad sounds great.

            The relish sounds awesome as well. For the preserved lemons in the relish, do you use the entire thing, pulp and rind, or is it just the rind?

            1. re: mwk

              Good question! Sorry I didn't specify - use the entire lemon.

      2. Smitten Kitchen has a good tagine with olive and preserved lemons. Serving it with freekeh instead of couscous sounds delicious. :)

        For the harissa and lentils, Love Soup has a great recipe: Roasted Carrot and Lentil Soup with Harissa and Mint .


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          Yum! That Freekeh pilaf recipe is great. I'll be making that for dinner Friday night. Amazingly enough I have all the ingredients for it already.


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            Awesome! Please let me know how it goes with your Moroccan explorations. :)

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