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Feb 25, 2013 08:51 AM

Where can I find makgeolli (Korean rice wine) in Toronto?

Just recently found out about this fermented rice wine drink from Korea. Pretty sure it's not available at the LCBO but do any restaurants in town carry it?



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  1. I've purchased it at the LCBO (can't really say if it's good or bad because I'm not an expert), but pretty sure most LCBO's that have an "Asian" section with sake/soju will also carry it.

    FYI, the bottle I got was a plastic white bottle with maybe 1L-1.2L

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    1. re: bernardtkchan

      Oh really? Good to know. I imagine the larger LCBOs like Queens Quay or Summerhill will carry it then.

      1. re: themiguel

        Yeah, I imagine 80% of LCBOs will carry it...

        If you're looking for something more homemade... I believe some restaurants will also have/make their own.

        I've had it a few times at a restaurant called "Man Doo Hyang" in Mississauga, but they also have a North York location... My guess is there's probably more places you can find it though

    2. I bought it once at the Yonge & Cummer LCBO. I can't remember the brand but it was pretty horrible. Looking at the LCBO website now, I can't seem to find any makgeolli.

      Most Korean restaurants I've been to usually carry only one brand. You'll usually see their posters of makgeolli bottles plastered all over the walls so you can look for those when you take a peek into the restaurants. Some seem to be very carbonated (which I don't particularly like).

      Restaurants I've been to that have it include Korean House (across from PAT near Bloor and Christie) and Pyeong Won Jip (at Yonge and Finch) and some others I can't remember, but all came in bottles. I'd love to find a place that makes their own makgeolli or dongdongju.

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        Not 100% sure but I think Man Doo Hyang makes their own... you can see huge bottles/jugs of it lying around in their fridges... Well its either in a huge bottle/jug or in a 2L Sprite bottle lol

        edit: oh and they've got both dongdongju and makgeoli

        1. re: bernardtkchan

          I believe Lim ga ne in christie makes their own

          1. re: szw

            Awesome the christie koreatown is much convenient for me. Can't wait to down some of this with some spicy, salty, delicious Korean eats.

          2. re: bernardtkchan

            Ooh, thanks bernardtkchan ...I wonder if it's related to the Mandu Hyang in North York (on Yonge, north of Cummer).

            The Lim Ga Ne in North Koreatown serves the bottled kind. I haven't seen a house-made version listed on the menu.

            1. re: sumashi

              Yeah ideally I would love to try a homemade version.

              1. re: themiguel

                There's a do-it-yourself kit available at Galleria.

        2. I just had some at Oddseoul on Ossington. $25 for 750 ml which seems to be quite pricey. They put it in a fancy container and served it with shot glasses. It seemed to be an odd serving vessel since it's only about 7%.

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          1. re: foxymoron

            Yeah, that's pretty expensive for HFCS-fueled guaranteed hangovers... Assuming anyone is insane enough to buy more than one bottle at that price.