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Apr 15, 2006 02:07 PM

Fort Bragg

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Looking for dinner recommendation in Fort Bragg

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  1. Well not just for the food but the beer, I tell ya, you gotta go to the North Coast Brewing Company. The beers are the best in the world here. the Old Rasputin Imperial Stout is food in a bottle. Makes Guiness seem like Coors light.

    The food here is pretty well done pub type grub, with some steaks, seafood and things too.

    If you are going through Willits on your way be sure to go to Ardellas. a little 10 seater with the best food ever, only for breakfast and lunch. All home made with some incredible recipies.

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    1. re: bennyboy

      I'll second that rec for Ardellas! We stumbled upon it our last trip. It was hammered (lots of customers) but worth every agonizing minute of our wait. The food and service have put it one our "will return" list for every future trip.

      Ardella's Kitchen
      35 East Commercial Street
      Willits, CA 95490
      tel. +1 707.459.6577

    2. I travel to Fort Bragg / Mendocino once a month. There are no taco trucks. There are no Pho palaces. It is difficult to find more than a handful of places that take pride in the food they produce. This is unfortunate because there are so many Slow Food professionals in that area.

      The Ardellas rec, although it is valid, does not speak to the question.

      The North Coast rec is right on, especially after 2 Rasputins.

      As for food, these are the best options:

      Dinner: Rendezvous Inn. The best chicken liver salad, with medium rare livers on a lightly dressed bed of greens. There are other fantastic menu items; it will be up to you to find them. A special side-note, the wine list is hand selected by the chef/owner, and he knows his Sonoma / Mendocino wines.

      Breakfast: Laurel Deli is where the locals go. Ollalie Berry cobbler is great, as are the pies. They serve the typical high quality breakfast at reasonable prices. You will see the lines of tourists outside of Eggheads, but I have seen the local chefs having breakfast at Laurel on many occasions.

      Lunch: Heck, that is happy hour at our family's house, with wine, abalone (especially memorial day weekend) , salami, formaggi, and conversation - you all can't get in.


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      1. re: Larry Conlin

        I highly recommend Piaci Pub & Pizza, right in the middle of downtown. Great selection of beers, tap and bottles. Also a great wine selection. And finally the best gourmet pizza on the coast. Go early or late as there's almost always a line waiting for a seat.

      2. Mendo Bistro, on the second floor of some old building on Main St., wide open space, nice menu, kind of a sunse view.

        Someone recommended The Restaurant, across from Mendo Bistro on Main, seemed a little too formal for our taste.

        Don't go to any of the restaurants in that Harbor area, overpriced tourist traps.

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        1. re: PeterL

          I just came back from a week there and will say that either Piachi's or Mendo Bistro (which are right across the street from each other) would be an excellent choice. It comes down to atmosphere. Piachi has more of a "local" feel and is an informal bar/beer/pizza place. Very small tables and many just sit at the bar. Mendo Bistro is a bit more "upscale" but by no means formal. It is on the second floor and if you get a window seat you can watch the traffic on Main (or the patrons going in and out of Piachi.) Price wise Piachi is less expensive (but that depends on how much beer you'll drink I guess.) Mendo Bistro has a decent wine list with an emphasis on California wnes. I did not go to The Restaurant, but it is only open for dinner and struck me as more of a formal type of place.

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            PeterL, there may be one exception in the Harbor area. I think the name is Silver's, best pan seared oysters ever, $12. We wouldn't miss it. Will be there in 2 weeks.

            1. re: Gail

              Good. Next time we may give that a try. But for an area with such ugly scenic views, they certainly charges a lot.