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Feb 25, 2013 08:20 AM

NY Foodies visiting

Need some suggestions for Boca area. Friends coming down and we want to take them to good places. Made reservations so far in Delray at 32 East, in Boca at Truluck's and Seasons 52 in Boca. Any other suggestions? Would like to stay away from Delray on the weekend. Thanks

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  1. I would nix 32 East. We had a fairly ordinary, and expensive, meal here but by no means up to the standards of "NY foodies." I do not plan to return. Surprising, perhaps, but I liked Pinon Grill (Boca) better; their skirt steak w pineapple is very, very good, and I had a few other good-enough dishes there during my one and only meal there.

    In Delray, Max's Harvest would be a better choice, in my opinion. My dinner at The Grove was not outstanding but I liked it a lot better than 32 East.

    I believe Delray is crowded now due to the ATP tennis tournament.

    1. Wow, just read Erica's response...I COMPLETELY disagree...32 East is lovely and has very good food and a great wine list. Pinon Grill very mediocre, "chain-like" food and atmosphere. Check out City Fish Market in Boca for very good seafood, Abe & Louies for wonderful steaks.

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        We've been at 32 East a few times and really like it. Like Pinon but feel the same way as you do gblcsw. We like City Fish Market as well but we're going to Truluck's the next night. Loved Abe & Louies but our friends are not big meat eaters.
        Thank you both for your replies.

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          Speaking of 32 East...

          This weekend on the Cooking Channel

          "Emeril heads to Swank Farms where he and Chef Conley of "buccan" prepare a few of the chef's favorite dishes.

          "Over in Delray Beach, Chef Nick Morfogen talks to Emeril about sustainable Florida cuisine as the two prepare and taste some delicious dishes, including a flat iron steak salad.

          "Afterwards, Emeril unwinds over at "Guanabanas", where Emeril samples a few of their signature items with Jon Sullivan.

      2. Casa D'Angelo in Boca. Abe and Louie's if you're in the mood for steak.

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          Thanks for your reply zook. We were at Casa D'Angelo a month ago with another couple, after a number of people recommended it. I can't begin to tell you what a bad experience it was from the moment we sat down until we left. The food, service just everything. Obviously there was some problem, as it always gets great reviews. We were all so upset, that the other couple wrote a letter, an actual letter, to the owner who never responded. Don't know if he ever got it of course. Maybe at some point we'll try again, but there are a lot more places to try first. Love Abe and Louie's, but if you saw my reply to another post, our friends are not big meat eaters.

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            Wow, sorry to learn of your Casa experience, as it's so far from anything I've ever experienced there. However, I always request one particular waiter, so that at least eliminates any service issues. After what you described, I can't say I blame you for feeling the way you do.

        2. Not sure if your NY Foodie friends will be happy with Seasons 52. Sure, it's safe and passable.

          But last time I went, Mrs CFB and I realized we could have gone to an excellent, local non-chain restaurant for about the same cost.

          I'd delete that and add something such as Max's Harvest in Delray.

          Or take a drive down to Pompano and maybe try Cafe La Buca. I have not been, but see reports here:

          Or if you're going to Pompano, I always recommend Calypso for casual Floridian and Caribbean seafood. This would definitely be something a bit different for folks from NY.

          I think a Foodie would much more enjoy local options such as these .vs. Seasons 52.

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            Oh I knew I was forgetting something obvious... and it finally hit me as I was about to hit the sack.

            If you take NY Foodies to Seasons 52, instead of The Rebel House, there would be only three words to describe this tragedy: Shame, shame, shame!

            I recently returned to Rebel, and it's now twice as good as when it opened. They've fine-tuned the menu and it's firing on all cyclinders. I'll update the RH thread with my experience soon, but for now you can check it out here:


          2. Tramonte in Delray for Italian. Go up to Palm Beach and try Buccan and Chez Jean Pierre. Seasons 52 is a pass. Trulucks is not really for foodies.