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Feb 25, 2013 07:17 AM

Dinners in Madrid

Taking the family of adventuresome eaters to Madrid in March. We love a few suggestions of some great restaurants with a real local flavor. We are not fans of tourist heavy locations. Does not have to be spanish only food - we are open to anything and everything.

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  1. We loved the food in Madrid - there are some wonderful restaurants. Here's the link to my trip report -

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      Hi-can't thank you enough for your apartment rental in Madrid. Have read your report here and on fodors and am eating at many of your spots. Thanks again for sharing!

    2. Some suggestions for touring the regional cuisines in Madrid:

      Andalusian: 'Doña Paca' on Calle Príncipe de Vergara 285. Recos: rabo de toro (oxtail stew), morcillo (beef shin), fried fish, flamenquines (cured ham & beef rolls).

      Asturian: 'Esbardos' on Calle Maldonado 4. Recos: anchovies and fabada (beans stew).

      Basque: 'Dantxari' on Calle Ventura Rodríguez 8. Recos: chipirones encebollados (onion-seasoned baby squid), bacalao (cod). Good desserts.

      Castilian: 'El Senador' on Plaza de la Marina Española 2. Recos: cordero asado (roast lamb) and cochinillo (roast suckling pig).

      Extremaduran: 'Extremadura' on Calle Libertad 13. Recos: migas (breadcrumbs), jamón (cured ham), torta del Casar (sheep's cheese), caza (game).

      Galician: O'Pazo on Calle Reina Mercedes 20. A mecca for seafood fans.

      Madrileño: 'Malacatín'. Recos: cocido (traditional chickpea & meat stew), callos (tripe).

      Valencian: 'Casa Benigna' on Calle Benigno Soto 9. Paella and rice dishes.

      Tapas: 'Txirimiri' on Calle Humilladero 6. Assorted tapas displayed on the bar.

      Cider House: 'Zerain' on Calle Quevedo 3. Recos: cider from the barrel, chuletón (beef steak), tortilla de bacalao (cod fish omelet).

      Spanish cuisine with a creative twist: Viridiana. Ask the chef for recommendations.

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        Hola Juan, I've heard that Asador Fronton has been closed by the tax man. I loved their chuleton. Who would you recommend as a replacement?

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          JuanDoe, have been reading your recommendations hungrily. Had planned on a dinner at Laredo our first evening ( a Monday when many choices are closed) for the lamb (for me) and sucking pig experience (for my husband). How does this compare with El Senador?
          We will be arriving in Madrid for 4 nights late May after 3 nights of tapas experience. Lua is also on my list. I recommended it to a colleague who just returned from Spain. He thought it might have been the best meal of his ife and recommended I book it twice!
          Susan, we are staying in your recommended apartment. El Cisne Azul looks great for lunch and Calle Brava will be dinner one night-am focused on Casa Lucas, Xentes and Txirimiri for tapas.
          Need to fit a few more lunches and perhaps one more dinner. Thalnks for any and all recommendations.

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            I've been to Laredo a couple of times, it's very good. I don't remember them having suckling pig. Great wine list and the bar is of course, good as well.

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              Morekasha, their menu lists it so hope they have it!

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              I'm very envious! Have a great time!

          2. Just finished up a few days in madrid .. had two amazing dinners and the food and atmosphere was great! Luzi Bombon and Ten Con Ten ... do not want to sound snobby but great food, NYC type scene but with local flavor and crowd.