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Feb 25, 2013 07:05 AM

Charlottsville, VA eats

Will be in Charlottsville late April looking for some good local places to eat, any suggestions are welcomed. thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know what type of food or ambience you're looking for, but our go-to in Charlottesville for the past couple of years has been Peter Chang's. Very good authentic Szechuan food. If you do a search on him, you'll find plenty of background info.


      Very attractive restaurant (not just a little takeout joint); casual dress is the norm; prices very reasonable.

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        Fleurie for upscale French dining in a charming small restaurant.
        Very special.
        Duners for basic down home family oriented food.

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          Bacardi1, I read some of your yelp reviews and comments that you posted about Peter Chang's on other threads. Is it back up to excellent?

        2. Here's a previous post that may be of help. There others that can be found via the search feature:

          1. I highly recommend duners. Really good food.

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              glassgirl76, I just took a look at Duners menu, really really nice, that's exactly what we are looking for, while I love all cuisines, the husband prefers American and I love anything regional so thanks for that tip.

            2. Tell us more of what you like and we will have tons of suggestions!

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                mojoeater, while we like all types of food, I am looking for some regional cuisine. Appreciate all of the ideas so far will check them all out. Thanks again.