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Charlottsville, VA eats

Will be in Charlottsville late April looking for some good local places to eat, any suggestions are welcomed. thanks.

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  1. I don't know what type of food or ambience you're looking for, but our go-to in Charlottesville for the past couple of years has been Peter Chang's. Very good authentic Szechuan food. If you do a search on him, you'll find plenty of background info.


    Very attractive restaurant (not just a little takeout joint); casual dress is the norm; prices very reasonable.

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      Fleurie for upscale French dining in a charming small restaurant.
      Very special.
      Duners for basic down home family oriented food.

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        Bacardi1, I read some of your yelp reviews and comments that you posted about Peter Chang's on other threads. Is it back up to excellent?

      2. Here's a previous post that may be of help. There others that can be found via the search feature:


        1. I highly recommend duners. Really good food.

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            glassgirl76, I just took a look at Duners menu, really really nice, that's exactly what we are looking for, while I love all cuisines, the husband prefers American and I love anything regional so thanks for that tip.

          2. Tell us more of what you like and we will have tons of suggestions!

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              mojoeater, while we like all types of food, I am looking for some regional cuisine. Appreciate all of the ideas so far will check them all out. Thanks again.

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                mojoeater, wow, the Local is exactly what we are looking for, what a beautiful menu, thanks again.

              2. well first I'll say PLEASE if you haven't, make sure to hit Monticello. the vegetable garden is insane but don't be tempted to pick a ghost pepper although way smaller than a pea, my mouth still burns and it's been 2 years.

                we had dinner after going to the a Presidents house in old town Charlottesville at a huge very old saloon. no reason to remember the name-we both had steaks. probably loved the atmosphere more than the food but food was good.

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                  il Divo (love that name), thanks for the tip, Monticillo is the purpose of the trip, can't wait to see it. Jefferson was the original American foodie....thanks.

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                    We were there last summer, I just did a school presentation, using my photos from the trip! We stayed at a hotel (nice, national chain), with a restaurant across the parking lot. Although the hotel and grounds were wonderful (very relaxing with a park, walkway), we didn't venture anywhere for dinner, went across the parking lot. We just didn't want to get back in the car. I forget the name of the restaurant, it was "American" food, possibly even a steak house. It was what we were looking for, but not a "foodie" experience.
                    We did the 9am tour, and then got back in the car, heading for Va Beach to see the grandson (and his parents), so didn't really take much time there (Charlottesville), just did Monticello.
                    The garden there was quite impressive!

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                      oh again my husband saw the tingle in my eye when I saw the cooking quarters. my husband is a patriot and huge American history knucklewad-loved seeing him cherish every thing about Monticello.

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                      I don't think the OP need worry about picking any "Ghost Peppers" at Monticello.

                      First off, there are no "Ghost Peppers" at Monticello. The tiny pea-size hot peppers grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson were (& still are) Bird Peppers (aka Chilipiquens).

                      Second, since the OP will be visiting in April, peppers won't be fruiting.