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Feb 25, 2013 06:09 AM

Rome - Blitz trip - Sunday night eating


We are three gals who are doing a quick pit stop through Rome from March 24 -27. We've been there numerous times. I was there most recently three years ago. We arrive in Rome on a Sunday, the 24th around 4 PM, staying in an apartment on the Via di Parione in the Centro Storico. We've got everything but Sunday evening covered for food. Looking for a good suggestion, open on Sunday, near the apartment as I assume we'll be flagging after a long trip. Got any ideas for us?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to getting back to my favorite place in the entire world!


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  1. Dittirambo and Settimio al Pellegrino are both open Sunday and should be fairly close to you (Campo de Fiori).

    1. Stop by the very very pretty Coromandel for an afternoon snack or quick drink.

      I love Settimo, but know that it is quite basic and a little quirky.

      1. Near to you, and open on Sunday:
        La Campana

        And, as mentioned already, Settimio, Dittiramo and Coromandel .