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Feb 25, 2013 04:40 AM

Singapore - Colombian street food at La Barra

Authentic little Colombian eatery specializing in street foods from the South American country. And they do them pretty well, too.

What we had:

- Ropa Vieja - shredded spiced beef on 'arepa' maize bread. This dish was amazingly tasty: spicy and robust, reminded me of its Cuban counterpart. Turned out later that it *was* the tastiest dish we ordered this lunch.

- Empanadas - cornmeal fritters filled with chicken. The cornmeal shell was harder than the crisp, flaky crust of Singaporean curry puffs. The filling was also blander than we're used to, and even the 'aji' sauce didn't really pack that punch we Singaporeans are used to.

- The Picada Platter consisted of spicy chorizo sausages, carne asada (strips of roast beef), patacones (flattened, deep-fried plantains), papas criollas (Colombian-style fried baby potatoes) and grilled corn. This was a "fun" platter, and the standout was clearly the grilled beef, beautifully aromatic and with a lovely texture. The papas criollas were amazingly powdery in texture, with the flavors enhanced by a sprinkling of salt. Lovely.

- Lulo (green-fleshed Colombian mini-citrus fruit) juice drink. Quite unusual appearance, but somewhat familiar sourish-sweet astringent flavors which SE-Asians loved.

Nice place, love the casual atmosphere, though a bit warm - no air-con. One note of warning: if you're coming on a Sunday, try arriving before 12 noon. The eatery is located in Star Vista, owned by the New Creation Church and by the time the Sunday service ends, thousands of churchgoers will be flooding every restaurant within the mall!

Address details
La Barra Colombian Bistro
#02-21 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6694 2495

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  1. Hi klyeoh, you should go and try Sur Nuevo Latino on North Canal Road. The Venezuelan food there is tastier than Colombian at La Barra, IMHO. The chef Alejandro Luna is half-Peruvian/half-Venezuelan, and his Peruvian culinary inventiveness really shows through. I always regarded Peruvian cuisine in Latin America as the equivalent of French cuisine in Europe.

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    1. re: makanputra

      Thanks for the heads-up, makanputra, definitely my next destination for a Latin American meal :-)

      1. re: klyeoh

        Glad that you finally went there? ;)

        1. re: makanputra

          Yes, it was *much* better than I expected!

    2. Aiyoh, how come I've never even realise we have these food places in Singapore until the two of you came along ;D