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Feb 25, 2013 04:23 AM

Dinner for 1 in Denver

I have one night for dinner in Denver. Will be by myself. Any recommendations where I can get some good food, preferably sitting at the bar, preferably accompanied by a solid local beer list?

I was thinking about Colt and Gray.


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  1. Colt and Gray at the bar is an excellent idea. You will be well-cared for. I always sit at the bar there, whether solo or with company. Have Kevin or Brian make you a beer cocktail if you're up for it. Euclid Hall has great beers too and would also be a fine choice.

      1. Bull and Bush Pub on Cherry Creek just east of Colorado Boulevard ( is great. Authentic British pub atmosphere Large selection of taps brewed on site.

        Steubens on 17th at Pearl ( is also enjoyable. Good beer selection; but no taps.

        Both have Happy Hours.


        The Jer