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Feb 25, 2013 03:16 AM

Wolf's in Sheep's Clothing (WISC)

Don't be fooled. This Venice restaurant is not the original pop-up so many came to love. It's a divorce where-in the Heart and the Hunter wins outright. Chef's of the original pop-up, "WISC" is not worthy of Abbott Kenney's restaurant scene, especially sitting in between Joe's & GJelina, two "chowhound" beloved. The outside dining has a decent feel, as does the entrance...but the "south meet California" with a Minnesota chef went wrong. A boring, butter lettuce salad feature with candied walnuts, bland chicken and strawberries, Struck Out. Chicken and Waffles, greasy, no bone in, lost. Gravy, not worthy. This place might sneak by in other parts of town, but for chowhound bloggers, it's not going to cut-it, not in this foodie area of LA. Plenty to choose from within walking distance, so if you make the effort, there was only chicken on the brunch menu, the waffles were good and employees may have stayed out a bit too long on Saturday.

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  1. So, sadly, not even a Little Sheep in Wolf's Clothing then? (My only Mongolian Hot Pot joke). The old WISC looked to be excellent. Never got there. I take it you went for brunch? Any chance in hell that dinner is better?

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      I did go for brunch and Gjalina & Joes' were booked for hours, so I have it a shot, hoping they had some of the punch left from the pop-up venue. I'm not a critic, but this LA ChowHound has done me quite well with reviews and I can only try to reciprocate by doing the same. The waffles were great! The atmosphere was young and most seemed to be fighting "The hair of the Dog" but overall pleasant enough. I won't do it again, there is just too much love in the immediate area to waste precious foodie time with the ones you love. I'm just glad I now have a "hot pot" joke...ha