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Feb 25, 2013 12:16 AM

Family-style Brooklyn caterer?

Any recommendations for good caterers or restaurants in the Brooklyn area that do family-style service for a wedding offsite? We'd love something simple and hearty! (Like roast chicken, veggies, faro, etc...)
We'd like to spend $50 a head for about 160 people, if that's at all possible. All suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. You shouldn't have a problem with a caterer on a budget like that, but what do you mean by family-style?

    1. Not sure what you mean by family style - are you talking about food served onto the table on platters (i.e. not individually plated) or food arranged for a buffet type service?

      I dont know about the former in terms of offsite catering - many of the ethnic restaurants obviously do it onsite.

      There are many places in our ethnic communities that will cater platters or containers say for a buffet setup - for example Tanoreen - and there are some quite good caterers in the west indian and black communities that offer good chicken, mac and cheese and such, but as to yuppie or stylish type catering in the style and price range you are discussing others will have to offer their thoughts.