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Feb 24, 2013 09:13 PM

Can I find fresh boysenberries or ollieberries In OC anymore?

Strawberry fields where still abundant in OC when I was a kid and boysenberries weren't plentiful but were available. In LA there is one farmer who has them in season and I will happily shove you out of the way to get them. But there aren't that many and even when I empty hundreds of dollars onto the table for them I can never get enough. I want more. I want to make jam. Any leads for when they come into season?

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  1. Not in OC... but Jimenez Farm shows up the Mar Vista Farmers Market and they have them when in season...


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      Hum. I've never seen them at Jimenez Farms at Hollywood but I didn't know to look. Good lead. Thanks.