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Feb 24, 2013 09:10 PM

5 gals in Cleveland for a 50 th birthday weekend

We are in town from north of Toronto for a girls weekend the last weekend in April. We are probably staying downtown. Haven't booked anything yet. We will have a car and are looking for suggestions for a casual fun place for Friday night. We will be going to the market on Saturday and the RRHOF on Sunday. Any suggestions for Saturday night , we are all foodies but are out for a good time also. We also need some suggestions for brunch on Sunday. What food and drink related things should we make sure we do while in town?

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  1. Lots of great ideas for you all.

    Downtown, the E 4th street neighborhood has a lot of great restaurants. Reservations are required for just about all of them. Michael Symon's Lola, James Beard-nominee Jonathan Sawyer's Greenhouse Tavern, and Beard-nominee Zack Bruell's Chinato are all on E 4th and all are excellent. There is a bowling alley on 4th as well called Corner Alley, and a nightclub called Pickwick & Frolic where they have live entertainment.

    We also have a casino downtown now, and there are three great casual restaurants in the food court at the casino - Michael Symon's B-spot (burgers/fries), Rosie & Rocco's, which has very good pizza and pasta, and a deli called Corky & Lenny's, an offshoot of a well-known establishment of the same name on our E side.

    Ohio City, which is the neighborhood where the WSM is located, is hopping these days with a ton of great restaurants and bars. Just to name a few - Crop, Black Pig, SoHo, Bar Cento, Market Garden, Flying Fig.

    The Tremont neighborhood, just about 5 minutes west of downtown, is also chock full of great options. Symon's Lolita is here (which IMO is in some ways better than Lola, certainly less formal and less expensive), as well as Bruell's Parallax, Rosie & Rocco owner Rocco Whalen's Farenheit is here, as well as Ty Fun and Bac (Asian) and Crust (FANTASTIC pizza) and a lot of great neighborhood bars, from Hotz' (local dive bar) to Edison's.

    Sunday brunch options are plentiful. I recommend Lucky's Cafe in Tremont (long wait times and a little pricey, but worth it) or Johnny Mango, in Ohio City.

    1. Everything R&R says is spot on... we are fans of Lola, but it's not that casual. You might want to check out their menu to see if it's your thing. We've never had a bad meal. Rezzies for 5 on a Saturday night = highly encouraged/suggested.

      We love Flying Fig (were just there a couple of Sundays ago between a R&R HoF visit and a show at Playhouse Sq) & it doesn't ever disappoint. It's a hop skip & jump away from WSM. Walking distance for sure.

      And if you can, DO go to Lucky's. Never been to their Brunch, but they have THE best mac 'n' cheese in the entire universe. All the food is as local as it can be (they have a veg & herb garden on the left side of the bldg) and service is s-l-o-w, but IMO worth it. I bought the t-shirt too (nice and soft!)