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Feb 24, 2013 08:58 PM

Passover Birthday Party for 2 year old

I am going to be having a birthday party on Passover for my 2 year old. There will be around 10-15 children (2-3 years old). I also want to have some food for the adults to munch on...will probably have fruit and veggie platter for them. Can anyone give me some suggestions for a birthday lunch for these kiddos?


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  1. Mazel tov!
    The easiest, kid pleasing, not overly messy to eat is schnitzel (small pieces that are simpler for small hands & small appetites) & french fries. Coating for schnitzel can be matzo meal -- if you use it -- or crushed potato chips. I tried the prepared orange KLP schnitzel crumbs one year, and my kids did not care for them at all.
    You didn't mention, though, whether you want to go fleischig or milchig, and whether health food is a priority.

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      Along the same lines, my kid has a Pesach birthday this year and she's asked for eggplant parmesan for her birthday dinner. If you'd rather not do meat you could try cutting the eggplant into french fry-like sticks and treat them like schintzel. Tomato sauce for dipping could be optional, depending on your tolerance for mess.

    2. Matza pizza and "make your own" ice cream sunday. I believe there is kosher for Pesach chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. Not sure about whip cream.

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        I have eseen U Bet chocolate syrup for Passover in the past, so the make your own sunday idea can work:) I bet the kids would LOVE it:)

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          Maybe you could make fruit kebabs (cut up fruit on a stick). I feel like putting anything on a stick makes it more kid friendly. Also, guacamole is a fun, pesach friendly party food for the adults.

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          Sounds like a fun idea. There must be k for p cream. Just whip it into whipped cream. Otherwise, is the Jewish reddiwip K for P? I forgot what the brand is.

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            Not only is there KFP chocolate syrup, but you can get many other flavors of syrups; vanilla, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, coffee . . . maybe even more. I have all the flavors (I keep the leftovers year to year, and they stay just fine), and make them available with milk when we have guests for chalavi meals.

            Get a few and let the kids have fun with it.

          2. I would not have fruit kebabs for kids that young....too dangerous. Rather, try easy, grab and go little cups of fruit that they or their parents could assemble.

            A k for p ice cream cake is an option, too, if you want to have something in which to put the candles/sing happy birthday, etc...and absolutely the chocolate syrup mentioned upthread.

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              My daughter is that age, and we do fruit kebabs on coffee stirrers. Can't be used as a weapon.

              The stores are putting out all sorts of fun plastic items- whiskey cups can hold blueberries, wineglasses can hold dip and (steamed) carrots.

              A few other ideas- mini matza pizza, mini "Mac" and cheese cups. If its mini, they'll eat it.

              Love the make your own sundae....but it'll be messy!!

            2. ice cream bar is a great idea - you can make hot brownies or chocolate chip cookies as a base for the ice cream. matzoh pizza with different toppings is also good. you can also barbecue - that's something that isn't done every pesach - steaks, chicken cutlets, chicken legs - all that can be bbq'd - also, potatoes on the grill, then for dessert grilled watermelon or peaches.

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              1. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!! I will let you all know what I end up serving.

                Thanks!! :-) Jodi