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Feb 24, 2013 08:27 PM

In Toronto for 10 days for work. Need recommendations

Hello Toronto,

I'm going to be in your city for 10 days starting tomorrow and i'm staying very close to the ACC/Rogers Center. I would love some recommendations for eateries within walking distance. Looking for:

- good coffee
- breakfasts
- grocery store
- lunch options. Both quick sandwich type stuff and somewhere you could have a longer/nicer sit down lunch

When it comes to dinner, lots of them will be handled through work, but maybe if there is one place (anywhere in the city) you would tell an out of towner (Vancouver) to go. Was thinking Momofuku...

Thank you!

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  1. Coffee: Sam James in the PATH system is pretty much the only good stuff in the downtown core.

    Lunch: sit-down lunches at Richmond Station, The Gabardine, Khao San Road, Luma, and the Queen and Beaver are all within walking distance (well, up to a 20 minute walk but worth it)

    1. There is a large Longos grocery at Maple Leaf Square and a much smaller one in the PATH.

      1. depending on whether you're closer to the rogers centre or the acc, this can cover a good chunk of downtown toronto. all of spadina chinatown and even kensington market is reachable in 15-20 mins walking distance from the rogers centre. this means bahn mi boys, the coffee shops of kensington (i personally prefer moonbean and grind house) and the latin food of el trompo and jumbo empanadas, jules bistro and dark horse coffee on spadina, then there are the ramen joints--kinton ramen is straight north, and sansotei.

        as for grocery--if you are closer to the acc, then the st. lawrence market is less than 15mins walk. some consider it the best open air market in the world, believe it or not. on saturdays, the north market has stands from farmers and local vendors open as well.

        so much more, but maybe you could narrow down the cuisines sought, preferences, price range if any?

        1. Yes, please narrow down where you'll be staying. The two venues you list are 1.5 km apart.

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            I'm one block east of Steam Whistle in the group of towers so closer to Rogers Center.

            Thanks for all your recommendations.

              1. re: Cancuk

                Gabardine on Bay serves a weekday breakfast. Thuet at Yonge & King for pastries.

                There aren't too many good breakfast options right downtown.

                For a diner breakfast, Avenue Open Kitchen is probably within a 15 minute walk of your group of towers near the Rogers Centre, and Patrician Grill on King E might be within a 20 minute walk.

                Le Neuf Cafe at King & Spadina also should be within a 15 minute walk.

            1. Although it will take a bit longer of a walk, Thor Espresso Bar at Bathurst/Front (west of the Skydome/Rogers Centre) has some good coffee.