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Apr 13, 2006 08:53 PM

Sushi in Palm Springs

  • j

Just curious, it sounds ironic, but I am wondering if anyone has a good sushi recommendations for Palm Springs or Palm Desert.


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  1. Only good sushi place is Kyosaku on East Palm Canyon in PS.

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    1. re: Joe

      thanks for the recommendation.
      Not too diverse a menu, but everything tasted good.
      The Grapefruit dish looked excellent and the King Crab was great.

      1. re: jacob

        The grapefruit thing is weird. It is just like you would think, but more like some little bits of fish swimming in a lot of grapefruit pulp. Other than that, the other pieces I had were quite decent, especially one of the best salmon skin hand rolls I have ever had.

    2. Just back from Palm Springs -- visited Okura Robata Grill and Sushi Bar for the first time. It's part sushi bar, part Asian fusion. Open kitchen. Interesting menu. Best of all, really good food! The restaurant is a bit away from Palm Springs -- on 111 in La Quinta -- but I saw that there's a second Okura opening in Palm Springs in September.

      Usually I'm disappointed with Japanese food in the desert, but not this trip.

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      1. re: rickiek

        try Wasabi in Palm Springs central