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Feb 24, 2013 06:49 PM

Ofrenda vs La Camelia vs Papatzul vs Mercadito Grove vs Coppelia vs Yerba Buena Perry Street

My wife has a tradition of eating out Mexican for her birthday. Nothing too upscale and nothing too downscale. We did Papatzul a couple years ago and really liked it, but want to branch out. Some criteria . . .

-Looking for some place pretty laid back -- nothing cavernous and loud.
-Must take reservations and be able to handle a table for 10-15.
-West side of Manhattan, on the 2/3 or A/C/E preferred (which eliminates a lot of things in East Village, LES, Nolita, I realize).
-Could also do Brownstone Brooklyn: Boerum, Dumbo, CG, PS, PH, etc., but need easy connections for Manhattanites.
-Ideally ~$20 entrees and reasonable pitchers of sangria.

Any thoughts on the ones mentioned aboe? Any other inspired ideas?

Bring em on rapido!

Muchas gracias,


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  1. Toloache; Empellon Taqueria.

    1. Yerba Buena is great but not Mexican. They can accommodate the large party, though it can be noisy. Toloache (same chef) is excellent for Mexican.