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Feb 24, 2013 05:54 PM

Best Mexican breakfast in San Antonio?

I'm going to San Antonio, and at some point I'm going to have a hankering for Huevos Rancheros, migas or at least a breakfast burrito/taco. So where it the absolute best place in town both in terms of food quality and atmosphere to find this? I'm staying on the west side by the 410 loop, but I will have a car and can drive (a reasonable distance, at least.)

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  1. There are so many great places that there really isn't a *best* in my opinion. You can't even turn around in this town without knocking over a tray of breakfast tacos or stepping in a plate of chilaquiles.

    I don't have any recs for right near where you're staying - . .but probably not far is Tommy's on San Pedro or perhaps a little farther would be Taco Taco. Taco Taco is "famous" if you're into that. The food is great - particularly the awesome thick flour tortillas. But it's a tiny place and you may have to wait a bit for a seat.

    If you want to take a nice drive in the country I could heartily recommend Grumpy's Mexican Cafe . . or going in the totally opposite direction would be Benjamins Kitchen. Benjamin's Kitchen is an experience - if you have the time I would recommend it. Grumpy's is famous for ridiculous portion sizes . .and the food is great, too.

    As I said, tho . . .if you just drive around in the am you will probably find a great breakfast at the first mexican place you come to.

    1. i lived in San Antonio for a year and Mexico City for a year as well so thought I would share a couple of my favorite breakfast spots in SA that aren't too far of a drive from where you are staying.

      The carne guisada breakfast tacos at Mary Lou's Cafe in Olmos Park are INCREDIBLE! They are by far my favorite in SA!

      Mary Lou's Cafe
      4405 McCullough

      I love all the breakfast plates and tacos at Taco Haven which is a bit further from you but well worth the drive.

      Taco Haven
      1032 S Presa St

      My favorite Mexican breakfast (green chilaquiles with an over easy egg on top and refried beans and homemade flour tortillas on the side (Hey, it is Texas!) can be had at Regio Cafe....and if you're really hungry why not get a migas taco on the side....

      Regio Cafe
      1706 McCullough Ave


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        As it turned out, I ended up going to Regio's. (It was faster to just drive across town on Culebra than to get stuck in the traffic on 410 .) Per your recommendation, I got the green chilaquiles with the over easy egg, but with corn tortillas. Was my first time for chilaquiles, but it won't be my last.

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          Chilaquiles are standard breakfast fare all over Mexico. They're in every breakfast-type restaurant, on every breakfast buffet. My good friend, Lita, who lives in Queretarro makes a shortcut version of chilaquiles every morning in her microwave to feed her family before they head out the door to work and school.

          And, if you add some sort of meat, usually chicken or pork, they're a great quick meal for lunch or a light supper.

          If you like them, and who doesn't, you should start making them at home.

          The only thing that is at all difficult or time-consuming is that the best versions require you to fry day-old corn tortillas, which you might not have.

          So my friend, Lita, uses Fritos for her quicky microwave version. Yes, that's right, Fritos. They're heavier and thicker with a stronger corn flavor than store-bought tortilla chips and they hold up better when cooked in the tomatillo or red chile sauce.

          That's just for weekday mornings, of course.

          For Sunday morning's more lavish breakfast, she leaves the corn tortillas out to get them stale, and then fries them up do to a proper version of chilaquiles.

          1. re: ConsApi

            so glad to read that you enjoyed Regio's, ConsiApi!

            Just a word of advice: please NEVER use Fritos for chilaquiles! If you ever wanna make some, find the best quality chips you can find, add a green or red sauce and some grated cheese (cotija is the best), y voilĂ ! You have your chilaquiles! : )

            1. re: cholulo1

              OR, ConsApi, you can try both methods to make shortcut quicky chilaquiles and make up your own mind as to which you like best.

              As I have.

          1. I second Taco Taco. I believe it lives up to the hype and the eggs are cloudy and fluffy and the tortillas are things dreams are made of. Parking is a mess and the lines can be long. But, I am going to miss this place so much when I move to Boston, home of non-mexican food eaters.

            145 E. Hildebrand San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 822-

              1. re: sputnikhq

                lol, I haven't had great success at Taco Taco either. My favorite right now is The Fruteria.