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Feb 24, 2013 04:05 PM

Best of Prospect Heights - New To The Hood

I recently moved to the edge of Park Slope and Prospect Heights and have not been able to find to find a good one stop thread on the best of the hood (or at least not one from less than 4 years ago).

So far I've really enjoyed Pur Bird, Castillo De Jagua & Geido. I'm curious about places you'd recommend off Flatbush, Vanderbilt and Washington.

Specifically: Delivery, Brunch, Pizza, Chinese, Deli and Date Night.

But any of your favorite spots would be great to hear about! Thanks everyone.

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    1. re: AubWah

      you simply cant leave it at that - I have walked past that place for 30+ years without a glance (note, is it still open on Vand?)

      1. re: AubWah

        Hing Lung is closed, sadly!

        Some one already posted about Mitchel's, most awesome!

        We like Cornelius for burgers and more. They have great specials, good beer and wine selection.

        Plan B for bar food and sports, good hot sandwiches.

        Brooklyn Pizza has nice thin crust pizza for delivery.

        Cataldo's for fun, red sauce Italian.

        Le Gamin was good French, but we have not been back since they renovated a few months ago.

        Sepia has nice wines and decent small plates.

        All of the above are on Vanderbilt with the exception of Sepia.

        1. re: roux42

          Brooklynian reports that the same owners run Colala on Washington and they consolidated Hing Lung. So it ought to be possible to order the same food from there

          1. re: roux42

            Le Gamin is so-so. Not a terrible choice if you're in the area, but not my favorite place. Nice backyard.

        2. Im not big into some of these catetories (delivery, brunch and dont expect good Chinese nearby - think Tofu on Seventh/Authentic Szechuan in the best around if you go for their Szechuan menu - as a non-takeout family we would not have even considered AubWah's suggestion, thanks) but we like Frannys and Amorina for pizza (former for "date night" also), Convivium and Aliseo for a more celebratory meal. James is pretty good but can get loud, we were seriously disappointed in the food at Vanderbilts and The Farm and are not inclined to go back.,

          I like Kalushkat (Felafel etc) very much, also ChickP, Cubana Cafe, Taro (we also like Geido) and Kaz an Nou

          Hope you post more about the results of your further explorations.

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          1. re: jen kalb

            Whoops sorry--basically what you said. My post was redundant

          2. Kimchi Grill for delivery for korean inspired tacos and burritos. Bar Corvo for date night. Second Franny's for pizza and I go to Antonio's on Flatbush for a slices. Also not necessarily in one of your categories, but I like Chuko for ramen. For brunch you can try Milk Bar or R&D on Vanderbilt though I have not been myself.

            1. I'm also interested in what this thread turns up. Amorina has some good brunch selections (or did . . . it's been a year or so since I've gone), as does Milk Bar.

              And though it doesn't fit in any of your categories (except maybe delivery? not sure, I've always either eaten in or carried out myself), The Islands has really good Jamaican food. Love their jerk (even if they're always out of the lamb, which is what I really want to try), their sides, their housemade sorrel . . . basically everything about them, including the spiral, vaguely naurtical stairs you climb to get to their (tiny) dining room.

              1. Our only destination for Prospect Heights is Brunch or breakfast at Tom's Luncheonette.
                It's excellent. On the weekends there will be a line but it moves quickly.

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                1. re: Motosport

                  Tom's is really cute, but unless it has improved over what it was, say 10 years ago, its nothing more than decent traditional diner food in a pleasant setting. You might enjoy the scene, though if heading to the museum, botanic garden or have other reasons to be on Washington Avenue.

                  My kids also used to like going over there for a burger, but I suspect its not a burger lover's burger.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Tom's has many interesting breakfast/brunch options that you won't find in the best Joisey diner.
                    Mango nut pancakes are one of my favorites.